Celebrate Green Week with us!

Dynamic pays a lot of attention to developing planet-friendly products. In the last three years, all products that we have launched are aimed at minimizing the impact of bike care on the planet.

To celebrate this, we are running crazy deals on our Planet Friendly products, like 1+1 free discounts and bundle deals!

You can recognize these products by the Planet Friendly label.

Tip: Place one order together with a cycling buddy, so we only have to send one package and save between 260 and 530 grams of CO2.

Why Green week?

As cyclists, there are very few things we enjoy more than an epic adventure on the bike in nature. Which is why it pains us that the products used to make these adventures possible are hurting the nature we love riding in.

We've made it our mission to provide bike care products that achieve maximum performance, but not at the cost of the planet. And thus the planet friendly label was born.

To boost the transition to Planet Friendly products in cycling and give the topic the attention it deserves, we organize a week each year all about our Planet Friendly products called; Green Week.

Planet Friendly label

As there is no standardized label for bike care products with reduced environmental impact, we decided to create our own label; Planet Friendly.

Products that carry this label have an reduced environmental impact. For most products, like Bio Filth Fighter, Drivetrain Detox and Badass Bubbles this means that they are biodegradable.

However, as you can understand for some products, like oils and greases, making biodegradable versions is more difficult. So we find other ways to reduce the environmental impact, by for example using as much renewable resources as possible during production. Also, we improved our packages last year to more sustainable PET variants.

And don't think we slap the Planet Friendly label on all of our products! If a product doesn't meet the criteria, it does not get the label. During Green Week, we celebrate the existence of our Planet Friendly products. Join the celebration now and shop our Green Week deals via the link below!