Have you noticed it yet? We made a change in the packaging of our products. Now that we’re completely over to our new look, we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

New packages; a next step towards sustainable bike care

What has changed?

The first thing you will notice is the design and practical aspects. But that's not all. The most significant change in our new packaging is the switch from PE to PET material. This material transition, along with the shift from oval to round bottles, makes our new packaging not only more stylish, but also more sustainable. Read all about the specific changes and benefits of PET later in this blog.


As Dynamic, one of our goals is to become a more sustainable brand each year. That’s an ongoing process without a finish line. Through the development and improvement of our products, we keep on exploring sustainable bike care options and use planet-friendly ingredients wherever possible. And so, we have already managed to make most of our products planet friendly. We help you to choose the planet friendly products by showing you our Planet Friendly logo on the product photos and labels of sustainable options. 


Let's be honest; not all of our products have earned the logo yet. For now, we provide transparency and let you choose the option that best suits you and the planet. Behind the scenes, we continuously enhance our products to be the best at both performance and sustainability.

A bike chain is getting waxed by Watts-up indoor chain wax.


Speaking about transparency; let’s discuss the new design! We loved our all-black designed packaging, but we know; it was hard to see how much product was left in the bottles. Our new clear design makes it easier to notice when it’s time for a visit to the (web)shop 😏 And doesn’t it look super stylish?

The transition from oval to round bottles for the lubes and waxes also makes it easier to apply the product to the chain. This new design fits more comfortably and steady in your hand.


The new design brings several important benefits when it comes to the improvement of the sustainability of our bike care products:

  • The use of PET material extends the shelf life of the products due to a better moisture barrier.

  • The transparent PET bottles are easier to recycle than the previous black PE packaging, which could only be used in the recycling process to make grey plastics. 

  • The round design requires only a single label instead of two. That reduces the waste generated during the production of the labels.

  • The waste of the bottles is easier to sort due to the improved caps, which can be seperated completely and easily from the bottle.

Sustainable bike care product packaging by Dynamic Bike Care

We hope you like the new packaging as much as we do! 😉

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