The number one among the pro teams of last year (with an impressive 69 wins!) is ready to kick off 2024 with Lease a Bike as new main sponsor and - as a result - a name change.

However, admidst these changes, we can still easily recognize the riders of Visma | Lease a Bike upcoming year thanks to the iconic Cervélo bikes and choice of colors. The frame keeps its yellow and black color scheme and you can't miss the name of Cervélo on the down tube. But of course, the looks for upcoming year aren't totally the same as last year.

As technical partner of Visma | Lease a Bike, we had the privilege of visiting their service course to see one of the new Visma - Lease a Bike Cervélo bikes being prepared with Dynamic Bike Care greases and pastes.

Read further and get to know (and see!) all about the bikes of 2024!


Despite the fact that the bikes got a new look, the specs stay mostly the same. For example, the cyclists will still be riding with SRAM Red group sets and Reserve Wheels. Why change a bike that is already unbeatable fast?

You will see the Visma | Lease a Bike riders like Sepp Kuss, Wout van Aert and Marianne Vos ride on the Cervélo R5 during races with some more altimeters. Everything about this bike is lightweight. Even the paintjob is matte instead of glossy like the other bikes, to save some extra grams. The pictures on this page shows you the R5 for Jan Tratnik. What a bike!

When it's all about being the fastest on a more flat terrain, the Visma | Lease a Bike cyclists will be riding their Cervélo S5 bikes. Its aero design likely provides the necessary advantage in races where aerodynamics can make a significant difference.

And then there's the third one; the Soloist. This one is a perfect mix between the two bikes above. It's more lightweight than the aero S5 but more aerodynamic than the lightweight R5. This bike is ideal for races that present a mix of terrains. The perfect allrounder.


You can probably imagine; 180 bikes that have to be built up before January 1st is a lot. The mechanics of Visma | Lease a Bike have their hands full to make this many bikes ready for the upcoming season. The bikes must be in perfect condition, and that's why the mechanics use Dynamic products.

Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste is one of the frequently used pastes that holds parts like the seat post, stem and handlebar perfectly in place, and prevents slipping of saddles or handlebars. For components like bolts, pedals or bottom brackets, the mechanics prefer to use our Assembly Paste Pro. This paste holds these components fixed under the toughest conditions but also makes sure that all parts are easy to disassemble when needed.

Another favorite of the mechanics is Mechanics Magic; this multi-purpose spray can be used to reduce friction, lubricate or to loosen parts.

And don't forget about the other Dynamic products that keeps the bikes of Visma | Lease a Bike clean and protected. Like Speed Potion Wax, to assure the cyclists of a smooth and fast chain.

Protective Wax makes sure that the frames stay clean and protected as possible. But when dirty, the mechanics use cleaners like Drivetrain Detox and Bio Filth Fighter to make all bikes fresh and clean again.
Ready for the next race!


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