At Dynamic we have 2 wax-based chain lubricants in our range: Speed Potion Wax and Slick Wax. What are the differences and when should I use which one? Why does one cost roughly 3 times as much as the other? These are just a few questions we are getting since we have introduced Slick Wax

Speed Potion Wax vs Slick Wax

To explain the differences between our two waxes, it might be helpful to outline the main focus we had during the development of each chain wax. There are general advantages of using a wax-based lubricant over an oil-based version which we will focus on in a later blog.

This is what we were focusing on when Speed Potion Wax and Slick were designed:

Speed Potion Wax:

    • Maximize drive train efficiency under pressure and in all conditions.
    • Developed on request of Team Jumbo-Visma, focused on top notch performance.
    • Developed without taking any cost factors into consideration.
    • Developed without taking any cosmetic factors like noise reduction or color into consideration.

Slick Wax:

    • Maximize lubrication and protection, minimize effort.
    • Extend drive train life and strongly protect against corrosion.
    • Minimize drive train noise.
    • Easy application and maintenance.
    • Maximize durability.

Slick Wax is your ‘go-to’ product for every ride. Speed Potion Wax is what we recommend to use on race day or when performance is key.

Protect your frame
Protect your frame


We’ll answer some of the questions we have received:

1. Why is Slick Wax white and Speed Potion Wax grey?
In Speed Potion Wax, one of the additives we use is dark grey (close to black) by nature and this gives the wax emulsion its color. We use other additives in Slick Wax and therefore this wax keeps the natural white color of the wax.

2. Why is Speed Potion Wax so much more expensive?
Besides the top-grade base wax composite and premium ingredients, we have added an emulsifier in Speed Potion Wax which enables us to increase the uptake of (mostly solid) friction reducing additives in larger volumes compared to any other chain wax. These additives make up for most of the higher price of Speed Potion Wax, whilst this emulsifier is also an expensive ingredient.

3. Are both products planet friendly?
Yes, both products are biodegradable and planet friendly.

4. How much faster will I be when I use Speed Potion Wax compared to Slick Wax?
Based on lab- and fieldtesting, your drive train will be anywhere from 2-11 Watts more efficient when using Speed Potion Wax. The higher elasticity and resilience of Speed Potion Wax (Brugger value of 130 N/mm2 compared to a Brugger value of 50 N/mm2) adds greatly to this equation which means much also depends on rider, state of the drive train, conditions, and activity (climbing and sprinting puts much more stress on a chain compared to an easy training for instance).

5. How do Slick Wax and Speed Potion Wax perform compared to other chain wax products?
Compare Slick Wax to products like Squirt Lube or Smoove and it is quite a bit more efficient. Compare Speed Potion Wax to Absolute Black Graphen Lube or Ceramic Speed’s Ufo drip and it will make you quite a bit faster.

You could rank these wax lubes like this (no. 1 performs best when it comes to friction reduction (under somewhat of a realistic pressure) and the further down you go, the less the benefit will actually be:

  1. Speed Potion Wax
  2. Slick Wax
  3. Squirt
  4. Ceramic Speed Ufo drip
  5. Absolute Black Graphen Lube

Disclaimer: these are our findings in a lab that we have asked to do this test, so we don’t want to claim this is completely independent in any way. We do perform these tests as fair and neutral as possible, but want to strongly stress that we don’t intend to bash our fellow lube makers here. Maybe at some point we will all agree on a testing method and find a way to really compare apples to apples. 

To complete the picture, this is an overview of the resilience and elasticity of the lubricants, expressed in Brugger value:

  1. Speed Potion Wax :130N/mm2
  2. Slick Wax: 50N/mm2
  3. Squirt: 32N/mm2
  4. Ceramix Speed Ufo drip: 21N/mm2
  5. Absolute Black Graphen Lube: 19N/mm2

This Brugger value is not the only factor that plays a role in our opinion, but is is a key aspect of the performance of the lubricant under pressure.

6. Is there a difference in how the products perform in wet conditions?
Yes, Speed Potion Wax adheres to the chain slightly better and has a higher resilience than Slick Wax. Therefore, the wax stays in a better condition for a longer time and distance. When it comes to wet conditions, this means Speed Potion Wax will outlast Slick Wax and any other wax based lube we have tested. Sidenote: If you know beforehand you will be riding in wet conditions, an oil based lube is the better choice as this generally withstands moisture better than a wax-based product.

7. Is there a difference in general durability?
Yes, Speed Potion Wax adheres to the chain slightly better and due to its higher resilience it stays on the chain for longer. If you compare Slick Wax with a Brugger value of over 50N/mm2, this wax will outperform any other wax in our list (see question 5). Brugger value is not everything when it comes to durability, but it definitely is an important factor.

Pizza wine or the sommeliers choice?

Just for fun we did a small comparison with wine: When you are having a casual evening with friends and a couple of pizza’s have been ordered, the red wine of choice will be easy to drink, have a generic nice taste and will not be crazy expensive.

When you are on a date with your partner and want to make sure everything is perfect, you’ll pick one of the better if not the best wine on the menu to accompany your evening. This is how we suggest you should look at our wax-based lubes Slick Wax for pizza night, Speed Potion Wax on date night.

Get the Speed Potion Wax and Slick Wax in our webshop or at your favourite dealer. 

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