It is new product season at Dynamic and our R&D is working overtime. We would like to introduce 3 new products that we are very proud of! To cut to the chase: the first ever Bio Drivetrain Cleaner with zero hazard symbols, an improved brake cleaner and the Workshop Essential Spray all mechanics have been waiting for.

Bio Drivetrain Detox

Protect your frame
Protect your frame

Bio Drivetrain Detox is a revolutionary, water soluble and biodegradable cleaner for the complete drivetrain. It’s designed for heavy duty cleaning; it even works on waterproof lubricants and greases. The planet-friendly formula can easily be rinsed off with water and is the only cleaner of its kind that has no hazard symbols or warnings. With the trigger head, the formula can easily be applied to the chain, cassette, derailleur and crankset. It comes in 2 sizes: 500ml and 1000ml.

Brake Booster

Our improved brake cleaner helps to boost the braking performance. It quickly removes all dirt, grime, oil and other contaminants without leaving any residue. Dynamic Brake Booster dramatically reduces break squeal. The formula is safe to use on all braking components like disc rotors, brake pads and rim flanks and the powerful spray dries rapidly.

Mechanics Magic

A real workshop essential: the new Mechanics Magic. This multi-purpose spray helps to loosen parts, reduce friction and leaves a long-lasting protective film that displaces water. It prevents dirt adhesion and corrosion. It’s the ultimate spray that can be put to work in countless situations, any workshop and around any bike.

Some of the magic this spray can do:

  • protect surfaces against rust and corrosion
  • penetrate parts or mechanisms that are stuck to loosen them
  • stop squeaks, beeps, and chirps
  • lubricate practically everything
  • remove grease and dirt

Upgrade your bike care kit with these 3 new products. Now available in our webshop and at your local Dynamic dealer.

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