Few things are more annoying than having dirt or smudges on your cycling glasses. In addition to being a nuisance, it also poses a safety risk for cyclists and other athletes. Which is why we decided to help with a short instruction on how to clean your cycling glasses. As a bonus, we will also tell you how to keep your cycling glasses from fogging up. Which is a problem that often occurs when standing still in hot environments or during a wet ride. 

What do you need to clean your cycling glasses? 

You only really need two things to clean your glasses: 

  • Glasses cleaner, like our Lens Love 
  • A soft microfiber cloth, like our Luxury polishing cloth 

It is best to avoid glasses cleaning cloths with an integrated cleaner, as these are bad for the glasses.

How to clean your cycling glasses

We will explain how to properly clean your glasses, so they last longer. It doesn’t matter whether your sports glasses have prescription lenses or not. If you use sports glasses with an inner clip, you should first remove this and then clean the glasses and the inner clip.

Step 1: removing coarse dirt 

If you have been out in a wet and muddy ride and your glasses are covered in sand, it is wise to first give them a short rinse under cold water. This way you remove most of the sand and other hard pieces from your lens, ensuring you don’t scratch your glasses with them later. Never use hot water! This may deform your lens, making it unusable. 

Step 2: Applying cleaner 

Spray the cleaner onto your lenses and let sit for a couple of seconds. This allows it to dissolve all the greasy spots and lift remaining dirt from the lens. Be sure to use a cleaner that won’t attack the coating.

Step 3: Wiping the lenses and frame 

Now grab your soft cloth and gently rub the lenses and frame. Don’t use a lot of force, as this may cause damage to your lens. 

If you find that there are still some dirty spots, just repeat step 2 and wipe again.

Now the glasses can be put back in the case or you can take a test drive with a clear view.

Bonus tip! Prevent your glasses from fogging

Glasses can often fog up when there is a large temperature difference between the lens and the air around it. Fellow cyclists who ride in the wet or up climbs on a hot day know exactly what I am talking about: As soon as you stop, you suddenly can’t see anything because your cycling glasses are fogged up! And if you, as a cyclist, also need a pair of eyesight, you can’t continue riding without glasses.

To prevent this, use a cleaner that also prevents fogging. We developed Lens Love to stop your glasses from fogging up, so that your vision remains clear, and your eyes remain protected behind your lenses. 

Now your glasses should be crystal clear and ready for your next ride!

Of course, you can also use these instructions for all other types of glasses: For example, for your sunglasses or your ski goggles.

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