Out of more than 1000 nominated products, Dynamic has won the Bike Motion Award in the category ‘Improve Performance’. Speed Potion Wax was chosen by the jury as the most promising innovation of 2021 that improves performance in cycling. Drivetrain Detox was a finalist in the category ‘Social Responsibility’.

Speed Potion Wax

In the ‘Improve Performance’ category, our Speed Potion Wax was a finalist together with Classified Cycling and the TrueBike by TrueKinetix. According to the jury, Speed Potion Wax is the best innovation of 2021 to improve your performance.

Is it marginal gains or a gamechanger? Saving this much energy with a chain wax definitely makes Speed Potion a gamechanger!”

Rodrick de Munnik – Head of the jury

Dynamic Speed Potion Wax is developed as the ultimate chain coating to save watts. The formula is developed together with Team Jumbo-Visma and used during all races, including the Tour de France. The formula holds a stunning 17% friction reducing additives which optimizes the efficiency of the drivetrain. It is the fastest lubricant out there.

“Speed Potion Wax was our first real innovation and helped us to secure our presence in the World Tour. Winning this award means a lot to me and the entire team at our young company!”

Rob Fleu – Managing Director Dynamic Bike Care

Drivetrain Detox

The planet-friendly Drivetrain Detox was one of the finalists for the Social Responsibility Award. With Drivetrain Detox, Dynamic developed a powerful degreaser that is safe for the environment and your bike.

“We focus on blending sustainability and performance in our range of bike care products. The recognition of a nomination in this category motivates us to push even harder. Drivetrain Detox is the only label free drivetrain cleaner used on a professional level; we are extremely proud of that.”

Rob Verstappen – Head of Sales & Business Development Dynamic Bike Care.

Bike Motion Awards

The Bike Motion Awards are presented annually at the Bike Motion fair in the Netherlands. Out of over 1000 nominated products in three categories (Improve Performance, Smart Cycling and Social Responsibility), three finalists were announced during a livestream from the Bike Motion Studio hosted by former pro-cyclist Laurens ten Dam and Stefan Bolt.

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