As of this year Dynamic is the bike care partner for BORA – hansgroheHow did this come to be and what does this mean?  In this blog we dive deeper into our partnership with Germany’s largest cycling team!  

How was the partnership formed?

In the few past years, cycling has become a game of marginal gains. Each team goes to big lengths to save a few watts over the competition. One of the main areas where these marginal gains are achieved is in lubrication and maintenance of the bikes.  
BORA – hansgrohe appreciated the performance-oriented approach that Dynamic took in this area and reached out before the start of the 2021 Tour de France.  After extensive testing and the start of a number of joint projects, the partnership was made official at the beginning of 2022. 

What results did we achieve together?

Since the start of our cooperation, we have achieved massive successes together.  
For the Dynamic team it has been a great experience to work with the riders, mechanics, and other professionals at BORA – hansgrohe. Together we tested and improved multiple products. Pushing the boundaries in performance and meeting the highest professional standards. Having our products meet these standards is one of the main objectives when we work together with World Tour teams. 

We even got to make a small contribution to the amazing win by Jai Hindley in this year’s Giro D’Italia, making us extremely proud! Ensuring a high-performance lubricant is available for every type of race and condition might seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference. 

What's next?

We will continue to co-develop bike care products with the performance department of BORA – hansgrohe. For example, for this year’s Tour de France we also have something special coming.

During the team’s training camp in Mallorca last January, the mechanics and performance staff expressed their idea about creating a spray lube to help lubricate chains in the final phase of the most challenging stages. Just a couple weeks before that, the R&D team at Dynamic had created a formula for a lube that only lasts for 50-60km but provides extreme advantages when it comes to reducing friction in the chain links. That’s when things came together. ‘Turbo Boost’ is the result, a spray lube that is not commercially available but was specifically designed for Team Bora – hansgrohe. 

Here is what Gerd Kodanik, Head of Technical Developments at BORA – hansgrohe, had to say about it:

Turbo Boost is a spray lube that we have developed together with Dynamic, it ensures the best results on the most challenging days. During wet races with a lot of rain but also in the stages that matter the most, the chains of the riders that are fighting for results in the GC or for the win of the day will be treated with Turbo Boost during the final 50-60km of the race. Turbo Boost is applied by a mechanic from the car or by a fellow rider who sprays the product directly on the chain. The innovative lubricant reduces friction immensely for a maximum of 60 kilometers. Due to the highly specific formula which is aimed purely at maximizing efficiency, the best results are achieved within this distance. After the race we make sure the drivetrains are cleaned and degreased completely to make sure all remains of the product are gone before the bikes are prepared for the next race.‘

Gerd Kodanik – Head of Technical Developments at BORA – hansgrohe

So keep your eyes peeled during the tour and you might catch a glimpse of Turbo Boost.

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