When Team Jumbo-Visma decided to switch from Bianchi to Cervélo bikes, we knew it was going to be a busy month for the mechanics. With over 350 bikes to assemble, a team of 15 mechanics needed over 2000 man-hours to get the job done… Read that again, 2000 hours of assembling bikes, wow!

‘The Cervélo bikes are equipped with a striking paint job in black and yellow with a glossy finish’…

Every year, professional teams partially replace or update the team’s bikes. If not replaced, bikes are often completely taken apart for service to make sure they are race ready. When done in phases, the process is manageable for the mechanics and part of their day-to-day routine. On the other hand, swapping a complete fleet over is a huge operation. We are proud we were able to help.

The Cervélo bikes are equipped with a striking paint job in black and yellow with a glossy finish. The disc brakes are supplied by Shimano together with the rest of the groupset and wheels. Stem, handlebar and seat post are mostly carbon and supplied by our friends at FSA. The Fizik saddles complete the build.

Connections between the frameset, components and parts are the main focus when assembling bikes at this level. Some of these connections, like the bolts or pedals, are fixed and require a professional grade assembly paste. These parts need to withstand extreme forces and stay fixed during cycling, but it needs to be possible to easily disassemble the parts later. We have developed a product specifically for this purpose: the Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro. This assembly paste without micropearls is designed to use in connections between the frame and metal components or parts. The headtube, for instance, is an area of concern because it has to withstand the harshest of conditions, like rain bashing onto it in some races and scorching hot sun in others. The paste we have developed is extremely water repellant, stable in high temperatures and protects against corrosion and wear. By applying a lubricating nano film, the paste prevents cracking noises in all sensitive areas.

Connections like bolts and a seat post don’t move, while others do. Imagine wheel or pedal bearings, the bearings in a bottom bracket or for example the inner bearing in a headtube. Where most bearing greases only protect against wear, the Dynamic Galli Grease Pro has additives that also reduce friction significantly. When assembling bikes at this level, the pro mechanics take apart every bearing before installing it. All bearings are double-checked and the factory grease is replaced with Galli Grease Pro to ensure optimal performance. A monastic job for just marginal gains, but that’s exactly what makes the difference in competitive racing at this level.

Especially in stage races, but also during busy times in spring, efficiency is key when it comes to maintenance. You don’t want to deal with rusty bolts or squeaking cables when traveling from one stage to the next. Cleaning about 20 bikes per race is a lot of work, and often there is not much time. With the Dynamic Silicon Spray the frame, stem, handlebar and smaller plastic parts are protected against the elements. It protects the frame against dirt adhesion and provides for an easier cleaning job. As most of us know, riders can be pretty vain and want their ride to look great. The shiny finish provided by the silicon spray gives just that extra spark of pride and confidence.

f you have any questions about the assembly of these bikes or bike maintenance in general, feel free to reach out. We love talking about it!

Whilst welcoming Cervélo, this is also a good moment to thank Bianchi for many great years, it was a pleasure to take care of those beauties. #continuetheride

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