It’s getting wet, dark and cold outside! Time to dust off your indoor setup and prepare yourself and your trainer for a long season filled with Zwift rides (and of course Netflix on your second screen). That’s why you get in this blogpost 3 important indoor cycling hacks.

Whether your indoor setup consists of a Tacx Neo 2t a Wahoo Kickr-Climb-Headwind, rollers, or any other kind of trainer, they all need a well-deserved maintenance job. A little bit of love just before and after your ride will make indoor training a lot less horrible.

Why is maintenance so important for your Pain Cave?

Sweat is something you can’t prevent. You can try to catch it with things like sweatbands, towels, or a sweat cover. Finally, it’s impossible to prevent sweat dropping on your beloved bike and trainer (and that’s okay!). You do need to treat your bike with an anti-corrosion spray to prevent bike parts from corroding and being eaten away over time.

A smooth chain is priority number one when riding your Zwift race, doing your recovery ride or when you are just exploring Watopia. But have you ever thought about a quiet chain? Watts-up wax has a special ‘noise-canceling’ formula to ensure a smooth and quite drivetrain. Sounds like a welcome feature, right?

After your workout, it is important to clean up! You can wipe your bike and trainer with the towel you just used to get the sweat out of your eyes. A better option might be to use a fast action cleaning spray to prevent stains on your bike, trainer and floor.

Why is maintenance so important for your Pain Cave?

Hack 1: Protect! Sweat means rust!

Many factors that play a role when riding outdoors, don’t apply when you stay indoors. No worries about dirt, mud, or rain but salt coming from your hard-earned sweat is to be taken seriously.

Sweat eats bike parts for breakfast. It corrodes nuts and bolts which makes them get stuck and is not friendly to rubber or plastic parts. Make sure your beloved bike is protected, it will make your life a lot easier. Sweatopia is the ultimate protective spray for indoor trainers and fitness equipment. The revolutionary formula holds an innovative anti-corrosion additive that is so effective it even works on surfaces that already show signs of corrosion and rust. It displaces moisture and leaves a protective film which ensures sweat, and condensation, doesn’t stand a chance. Psst… Sweatopia also protects against road salt really well should you decide to go out anyway

Cleaning disk brakes with Brake Booster

Hack 2: Use a specific indoor chain wax

Your drivetrain is one of the most important parts of your bike. Indoor it doesn’t have the rough rainy, sandy and other dirty conditions. Indoors it’s all about a smooth chain, quiet chain and a chain that does not leave traces on your floor or wall. Watts-up wax is the world’s first indoor specific chain wax. The ‘noise-canceling’ formula will have a great effect on your indoor experience and ensures fewer complaints from roommates. The wax formula is buttery smooth and will stay on your chain instead of ruining your carpet or precious floor. If the conditions are 100% dry, you can also use this wax during your occasional ride outdoors.

Clean-up after your sweat-sesh!

Hack 3: Clean-up after your sweat-sesh!

After an intense indoor ride, it is important to clean your equipment. Doing so prevents a sweaty smell and stains on your equipment. Our AfterWatt is a cleaning spray which is long-lasting and safe to use on materials aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon, plastics, vinyl and rubber. The spray evaporates rapidly, and you will not need any water to clean your setup. The formula has a neutral odor, is free from unnecessary additives, works extremely fast and is easy to use.

These 3 products are bundled in the Pain Cave Pack together with a door hanger to make sure you aren’t disturbed during your session, and it includes a drink bottle to keep you hydrated.

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