Giro Bundle XL

The ultimate Giro bundle deal!
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Giro Bundle XL
Giro Bundle XL

The ultimate Giro deal! Enough products to give your bike the best maintenance throughout the entire season!

This bundle contains a total of 18 items. Dirt Destroy (2x) is a foamy cleaning spray that's also suitable to use without water. Bio Filth Fighter (2x) is a powerful cleaning spray and Badass Bubbles is a cleaning concentrate that forms a bubbly bike bath when mixed with water. Use together with the included brushes and tools for the best and easiest cleaning experience!

Clean the brakes with the Brake Booster spray. Degrease and clean the entire drivetrain with the powerful Drivetrain Detox (2x).
After cleaning and drying the chain, apply a drop of Slick Wax (2x) or Ultra² lube (2x) on each chain link, depending on your preferences. This XL bundle also contains Speed Potion wax. This high-performance wax is developed in collaboration with UCI WorldTour teams! It's our best en fastest wax!

Finish it off with Protective Wax. This spray protects your bike against the elements and provides a satin like finish on glossy and matte frames.

What's inside the Giro Bundle XL?

Cleaning and protection products
  • 2x Dirt Destroy (foam cleaner spray)
  • 2x Bio Filth Fighter 1000ml (allround bike cleaning spray)
  • 2x Drivetrain Detox 1000ml (drivetrain degreaser)
  • 1x Protective Wax (finishing spray)
  • 1x Brake Booster (brake cleaning spray)
  • 1x Badass Bubbles (bike cleaning concentrate)

Chain wax and lube

  • 2x Slick Wax 100ml  (extremely durable chain wax)
  • 1x Speed Potion Wax 50ml (the fastest chain wax, used by the pro's!)
  • 2x Ultra² lube (the best chain lube)

Brushes and cloths

  • 1x Two pong brush (multifunctional brush)
  • 1x Microcell expanding sponge  (sponge with soft and rough side)
  • 1x Cone Brush (for the hard-to-reach spots)
  • 1x Turbo Towel (wash, dry and polish your bike with this towel)

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