BORA - hansgrohe just launched their new bikes for the upcoming year. Read further and get to know more about the new design and other tweaks for the coming season!


We already noticed the change of colors when the new jerseys were unveiled. Now we see the same fresh green color featured in the design of the S-Works Tarmac SL8 road bikes, replacing the red accents on the inside of the front fork. Also, the dark green and black colors of the frame have changed places compared to last year's design.

The most significant change is the switch from Shimano to SRAM. BORA - hansgrohe is now the fourth World Tour team that uses SRAM drivetrains. Another difference is the new partnership with Hammerhead, which replaced the Wahoo bike computers.

BORA - hansgrohe x DYNAMIC

A bike is only fast when it's properly maintained. That's why the mechanics rely on Dynamic Bike Care during assembly and cleaning between the races. Of course, the mechanics have some favorite products they like to use for the bike built of the new bikes for upcoming year.

The mechanics use the premium Assembly Paste Pro for assembling almost all components, such as screws, bottom brackets and headsets. When extra grip and safety for carbon parts is required, they use Carbon Assembly Paste. This helps prevent slipping and protects against over-tightening, making it ideal for assembling carbon seat-posts or handlebars.

Another favorite is Ultra² chain oil, known for its all-weather performance and extreme durability.