Jumbo-Visma is switching from Shimano to American equipment manufacturer SRAM as of next year!Almost 180 bikes must be converted by January 1st, 2023.Training bikes, race bikes and time trial bikes for a total of sixty riders.

Exclusive footage of the assembly

The mechanics of Team Jumbo-Visma rolled up their sleeves and started this monster job at the end of October. We were there and are exited to share an exclusive insight of the assembly of the new bikes of Team Jumbo-Visma with SRAM! Let us guide you through all the assembly steps.


Connections between the frameset, components and parts are the main focus when assembling bikes at this level. Some of these connections, like the bolts or pedals, are fixed and require a professional grade assembly paste. These parts need to withstand extreme forces and stay fixed during cycling, but it needs to be possible to easily disassemble the parts later. We have developed a product specifically for this purpose: the Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro.


Cervélo remains the bike sponsor for Team Jumbo-Visma in 2023. In these pictures, you are presented with the team’s ultimate aero weapon, the 2023 S5. This carbon racing machine is instantly recognizable due to its special integrated cockpit. To ensure all carbon connections are solid, the team uses DynamicCarbon Assembly Paste. The micropearls in the paste prevent the components from slipping while riding, so that the riders are always in the perfect position. But if things do have to be changed out, it is paramount that metal connections stay free of corrosion and do not seize. To this end,Dynamic Assembly Paste prois applied to all threaded connections, from the headset to the bottle cage bolts.

Reserve Wheels + Vittoria Corsa Pro

In the new season, all riders will ride with Reserve. This was already the situation with the Women’s Team and the Development Team during the previous season. Team Jumbo-Visma will ride with our tubeless sealant named Barkeeper, to get the maximum out of this rim and tyre combination. A Hi-Tec fiber, synthetic latex, tubelesssealant. The unique formula clings to the inside of the tire and rim and therefore seals holes bigger and quicker than any other sealant.


For 2023 Team Jumbo-Visma will be using Wahoo Speedplay pedals. To ensure creak free power transfer from foot to crankset, the threads of the pedal are treated with Assembly Paste Pro. Next to preventing noise, this layer of high end assembly paste ensures the mechanics can remove the pedals with ease. Even after the wettest races or training rides of the year.