Super fast | Extremely durable | All weather | All surfaces | 200 N/mm²

Ultra² is a high performance, oil based chain lubricant. Designed to be the most durable and efficient chain lube, created to conquer any distance in every condition. 

Ultra² makes you go faster, ride further and last longer.

How to apply Ultra²

  • Degrease the drivetrain thoroughly and let dry completely.
  • Shake the bottle to mix all ingredients.
  • Apply a small drop to each chain link.
  • Wipe the chain down after application to remove excess lube.

Why Ultra²

Ultra2 is a unique, oil based lubricant. The durability on the chain is immense, we have seen instances of testers going over 800km between applications. It is extremely weather resistant and will not budge in rain or muddy conditions. All while staying super clean compared to other, oil based lubricants.

It is ultra fast, with ridiculously low friction values. On top of that, Ultra2 is made out of renewable resources and planet friendly ingredients.

A special additive, optimizes the reciprocity of the metal parts in your drivetrain. The result is extremely long-lasting lubrication, that reduces wear and friction.

Extreme challenges

Ultra has become a term in cycling, synonymous with extreme challenges. Riding distances that go beyond normal, resulting in adventures of epic proportions. Adventures that are ultra far, in times that are ultra fast.

To complete these types of adventures, everything needs to be in perfect shape; rider and bike. Which is why we engineered Ultra2 to be the ultimate lube for the most epic adventures, no matter the distance, conditions, or surface.

On top of that we decided that this lube needed to be fast, so we can proudly say that this is the fastest oil based lube we have ever made!

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