We are extremely excited to announce the following addition to our cleaning range: the Dynamic Dirt Destroy foam spray!

Protect your frame
Protect your frame

An innovative, cycling specific cleaning formula in a spectacular foaming spray. That’s exactly what we wanted to develop and boy oh boy (!) did we succeed in doing so. Dynamic Dirt Destroy is tough on dirt and safe for bikes. The powerful foaming spray can be used on all materials typically seen on bikes. Like carbon, aluminum, ceramic, metal, titanium, steel, rubber, chrome and many more. The foam cleans stripe-less, is easy to apply and ideal to clean spots that are normally hard to reach.

After a ride, we understand you want to clean your bike clean as soon as possible with as least as possible effort. We’ve developed the product that meets your needs. Spray Dirt Destroy on your bike and after soaking for 2-3 mins the dirt simply falls off. Use a bristle to get those last bits of mud off and you are ready to go.

With e-bikes becoming more popular, the demand for a cleaner that can be used without water continued to echo. We’ve listened: Dirt Destroy foam spray can be safely used on any bike without using water. Whether it is your e-mountainbike, roadbike or your e-commuter bike, this product helps. All you need is a cloth and the Dynamic Dirt Destroy Spray to safely clean your bike without water.

Pro tip: you can also use Dirt Destroy to freshen up soft materials and textiles such as gloves, your helmet liner or overshoes.

Are you ready for a fresh and clean bike? Shop Dirt Destroy here!

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