As a cyclist, you probably recognize the proud and sometimes even protective feelings about your bike. Of course you know that it won't look like new forever, but still, the first scratches on your new bike sting a bit when you notice them...

It's okay. We feel the same about our bikes. That's why we developed Secret Surface ceramic bike coating. This coating gel keeps your bike protected against water, dirt, salt, micro scratches and UV radiation.

With this coating your bike will certainly stay cleaner and factory fresh for longer!

The application of Secret Surface is quick and easy. 

Read all about coating your bike in four steps in this blog!

Step 1:

Wash the entire bike

First, you have to degrease, clean and dry your entire bike. Use a bike cleaner like Dirt Destroy, Bio Filth Fighter or Badass Bubbles, bike cleaning brushes and a cloth for best results. Don't forget to clean the small corners and hard-to-reach spots. Make sure all dirt is gone. Dry your bike using a clean and soft cloth, like our Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloth.

Bike cleaning dynamic bike care

Step 2:

Prepare the surface

In this step, you need a cloth and a preparation spray - like Dynamic's Perfect Prep. This is a strong but 100% carbon safe degreaser that leaves no residue. This ensures the best performance and adherence of Secret Surface.

Spray Perfect Prep directly onto the frame from a 25cm distance, or spray it on a cloth first. Apply the formula in a circular motion to the surface, using the cloth to buff it in. Don’t rinse off with water. 

Just let Perfect Prep dry; it leaves a perfectly clean surface.

Perfect Prep preparation spray dynamic bike care

Step 3: 

Apply the coating

Now it's time for the real deal! In this step, you need Secret Surface and a clean Microfibre Cloth. Secret Surface has a pump applicator. Apply one pump a time on the cloth and gently apply the formula on the entire surface in a circular motion. Take your time - make sure you don't forget any spots. The coating will create a thin, clear but visible layer. 

Tip: don't only use Secret Surface on your frame, but also on bike parts as the crank, rims and handlebars. Secret Surface is 100% safe for all materials, such as carbon, aluminum, titanium and all paintworks. 

Secret Surface ceramic bike coating dynamic bike care

Step 4:

Let it cure

The quickest step of them all! Let the coating cure for 3 minutes. Afterwards, gently buff the coated area with a clean cloth. This will remove excess coating and leave a perfectly polished, protective layer.

Now you’re ready to ride your bike!

dynamic bike care microfibre cloth bike coating

The durability of Secret Surface

Secret Surface lasts up to 9 months! Cleaning your bike after applying a coating is 100% safe and a must for keeping your bike well maintained. Take in mind that you should always use bike friendly cleaners. Use our Bio Filth Fighter, Dirt Destroy or Badass Bubbles for maximum durability of the coating. 

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