One of the most frequently asked questions we get: 7 bicycle greases? When should I use which one? To help answer this question and to prevent having to explain this topic in detail a couple of times a week, we have put together this blog.

Carbon Assembly paste grease
Assembly paste grease

Why should I use grease or assembly paste?

There are a couple reasons why you should use grease on your bike, some of them are listed here:

  • Protection: Grease protects parts from the elements. Corrosion is a thing of the past if you use grease correctly. It also protects you from the hassle of bike parts getting stuck. Screws and bolts can get stuck due to fretting corrosion, but it gets a lot nastier when you can’t get your seat post out of your frame. Using the right grease prevents these issues.
  • Noise prevention: If you use the wrong grease or no grease when mounting a bottom bracket or (carbon) parts like a seat post, stem or handlebar, you’ll probably hear cracks coming from your bike. These are often caused by the parts not being greased or mounted correctly.
  • Lubrication: Everything that moves should be lubricated well to ensure smooth and efficient movement. At the same time, parts that move need to be protected from wear, the right grease does both. Some examples of parts you want to lubricate with a grease are wheel-, bottom bracket- and pedal bearings, suspensions, hubs, axles etc.
Galactic Grease Allround Grease
Assembly paste Pro grease

Which product should I use?

  • Dynamic Galactic Grease: a planet-friendly, biodegradable all round grease from sustainable resources. Suitable for all purposes on and around bikes. This grease can be used for assembly, where it protects against (fretting) corrosion and wear. Also suitable to grease bearings or other moving parts. Galactic Grease is extremely water repellant and has a stable viscosity that ensures long service intervals. Galactic Grease is an excellent allrounder! don’t want to have multiple grease/pastes laying around in your toolkit? this is your go-to!  And let’s not forget its planet friendly! 
  • Dynamic All Round Grease: an affordable, “does it all” kind of product that can be used to mount bike parts, protect bearings or parts, and to grease bearings. It does not excel at specific purposes, but everything a little bit. The place where it falls behind on other, more high-end greases, is the lubricating part. So, if your main goal is to lubricate bearings, you should perhaps choose another grease.
  • Dynamic All Round Grease Premium: does everything the All Round Grease does, but is much-much better when it comes to lubricating bearings. To be honest, its performance comes really close to our bearing specific Galli Grease Pro (more on that later). It is not as good as other items in our range when it comes to protection or noise prevention, but All Round Grease Premium is a solid, high quality grease you can safely use for practically everything on and around your bike.
  • Assembly Paste Pro: we kept it simple here; if you want to assemble bike parts, this is the absolute best product to use. Definitely don’t use it to lubricate, as it might even slow you down. If you are looking for second to none protection from water, salt, dirt, dust or whatever element you can think of; Assembly Paste Pro is your friend. No parts will get stuck and corrosion has no chance. Every screw you mount, even the ones on your cleats, should have a layer of this grease. This way they are well protected and they will only loosen when you want them to. Sometimes this type of grease is referred to as anti-seize, like by Shimano for example. But this is a perfect alternative for greases like; Shimano anti-seize.
  • Carbon Assembly Paste: mounting carbon parts requires extra attention. You can safely use the Assembly Paste Pro, but in places where you want to pay extra attention to the torque used or if you want to make sure a part absolutely stays where you want it (seat post, handlebar etc.) the Carbon Assembly Paste is the go-to. The micro pearls in the product are made of a special material that won’t damage parts and the shape of these pearls (kind of an oval shape) helps to secure items without damaging. At the same time, this assembly paste reduces the needed torque by up to 30%. Most of the larger bicycle manufacturers buy this product from us and have it packed in 5g sachets or use 400g jars on their assembly lines.
  • Fork Grease MTB: only use this on the seals of your suspension. There is a lubricant in the internals of your fork, usually an oil-based lube. You can’t and shouldn’t replace that with any grease. The seals at the inside and outside of your suspension is where you want to apply this product, nowhere else. No, also not on the stanchions. If you insist to use something there, try our silicon spray.
  • Galli Grease Pro: this is the best bearing grease you’ll find. Any bearing or moving part can be lubricated with this legendary grease. It protects against wear and ensures top notch efficiency. Don’t use it to assemble parts, we have better options for that.

All our greases are 100% safe to use on carbon. The individual and more detailed descriptions of every grease can be found on the product pages.

Which product should I use?

Product: Mainly used for:
Galactic Grease biodegradable all round grease for every purpose.
All Round Grease Affordable ‘do-it-all’ grease for every purpose.
All Round Grease Premium ‘Do-it-al’ grease with very good lubricating properties for bearings.
Assembly Paste Pro Premium assembly paste that provides best in class adherence as well as corrosion and wear protection.
Carbon Assembly Paste Premium assembly paste with micro pearls to mount carbon bike parts and reduce torque.
Fork Grease MTB For use on suspension seals only.
Galli Grease Pro Superior bearing grease that protects, maximizes efficiency and prevents wear.

We hope this helps and all jokes aside, we are more than happy to assist when you can’t figure out which product is the best choice for you. Quickest will be our chat function on the website but emails get answered within a day as well.

Written by Marketing Dynamic

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