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As you know by now, we at Dynamic are enthusiastic cyclists. Every Friday we have a weekend ride in the afternoon, next to the spontaneously lunch rides on other days during the week. But now we’re up for a real challenge! And you get to decide how tough it’s going to be!

Our plan is: For every order placed on during the Black Friday period, we will climb our local hill (Côte de Maeslandt) once. This epic climb of 240 meters and a with a stunning 19 meters of elevation will be ours this period!

Every morning at exactly 10AM we will not only share new amazing 1 + 1 deals on our website, but also check the number of orders placed in the last 24 hours. And that number, we will climb that same day!

Of course, we will keep you updated! So, keep an eye on our Instagram for behind the scenes shots and daily updates. This blog will be updated daily for a wrap up during the whole challenge.

Will we reach the top of Mount Everest after 10 days and never rest? That’s up to you!