Chain Cleaner

Very powerful chain cleaning formula.
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Chain Cleaner
Chain Cleaner

Dynamic Chain Cleaner is a strong degreaser for your bike's entire drivetrain! It uses a unique two-component formula for optimal results.


For a thorough clean of your chain, use Dynamic Chain Cleaner together with a chain cleaning tool or brush. Frequently cleaning and relubricating your chain will extend the lifetime of your drivetrain.

The unique formula of Dynamic Chain Cleaner is based on two-components. The cleaner acts as a degreaser that dissolves oil, grease and other contaminant. At the same time, the chain cleaner leaves a preparatory film behind on your drivetrain, which prevents metal parts of completely drying out after cleaning. Your chain will look like new.

Dynamic Chain Cleaner can be used on all parts of your drivetrain including chains, rear cassettes and derailleurs.

Notice! Chain Cleaner cannot be used with our foam triggers such as the Drivetrain Detox trigger. Chain Cleaner affects the triggers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sadhan Kandalgaonkar (Le Biot, FR)
A great chain cleaning liquid

No matter how much gunk’s in the chain, the liquid gets it all off. The amount of liquid needed is not more than 50 ml approximately.

Jean-Baptiste GERNET (Paris, FR)
Bon produit

J’ai utilise beaucoup de produit car ma chaîne était très sale. Mais après deux bains elle était bien nettoyée. Petit bémol pour les interstices entre les maillons.

Fabrizio (Brussels, BE)
Beste op de markt

Dit is al jaren mijn go-to kettingreiniger. Je kan zeer makkelijk al het vuil verwijderen door de krachtige inwerking.

Burkhard Rütz (Berlin, DE)
Tolles Produkt

Der Reiniger ist einfach genial. Ohne viel Aufwand, ist die Kette und der Antrieb sauber.

Leo Suykerbuyk (Brussels, BE)
Cleaner than clean

The chain the most importent part of your drive train needs to run as smoot as possible, to achieve that you need number 1 for cleaning your chain as simple as that .... literally the best!!