Chain care box Premium

The Dynamic Chain Care Box contains everything you need to maintain your drivetrain. Make sure your drivetrain runs smoothly throughout the year by keeping your chain clean and lubricated. A well-maintained chain has a longer lifespan.


  • Chain Cleaner 500ml
  • All round lube 100ml
  • Chain cleaner tool
  • Chain cleaning brush
  • Dry cloth

Maintain your chain like a pro!

 Step 1: Clean
Clean your drivetrain with Dynamic Chain Cleaner. The unique formula of this chain cleaner acts as a degreaser while leaving a protective layer on your drivetrain. This prevents your chain from drying out after cleaning. Fill the Chain cleaning tool with the Chain Cleaner to easily remove all grease from your chain. With the Chain cleaning brush, you can clean your chain, cassette and pulley wheels.

Step 2: Lubricate
After cleaning your chain, it’s time to lubricate your chain with Dynamic All Round Lube. The lubes from Dynamic keep your drive train in optimal condition by reducing friction and protecting against corrosion. All round lube will ensure that your drivetrain runs smoothly throughout the year with its ultradurable all-weather formula.

Step 3: Remove excess lubricant
After lubricating your chain, wipe the excess lube off your chain with the Dry cloth.

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Suitable for Bicycle chains


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