At events we meet a lot of new people. One of the people we’ve met last year is Fabrizio. He’s a talented Elite cyclist from Flanders with ambitions to win the Belgian Championship one day. With the products of Dynamic, we will help Fabrizio in achieving his dream.

Fabrizio Dekoning racing

Meet Fabrizio

Fabrizio Dekoning is a Belgian Elite 2 road cyclists. He’s 23 years old and currently riding for the Dovy Keukens-FCC Cyling Team. Most of the time he’s cruising on his road bike, but during the winter you might spot him on the MTB. The goal for 2022 is to perform best at the two local races. This will be a challenge, as pro cyclists like Wout van Aert have won these races in the past. With the right preparation, Fabrizio hopes for a good result.

When spending so many hours on the road, we asked Fabrizio if he has tips to make training more fun. He usually cycles in the area of West-Flanders, but he tries to go to a new area once a month. “It gives a mental boost to go to another area. New views, new roads and a different atmosphere.” This will make the training rides less boring, especially at the end of the year.

Besides cycling, Fabrizio is a student at the University of Ghent. He started with the Master Degree in Physiotherapy. Besides cycling and studying, he’s active as a brand ambassador for brands like 4iiii and C-Line. From now on, he’ll also share his bike care tips on his Instagram.

Fabrizio Dekoning cleaning his bike with Dynamic Bio Filth Fighter

Fabrizio’s bike care tips

During the winter, Fabrizio uses the Dynamic Rainy Day lube on his chain. This lube holds perfectly during the wet training sessions. During the season, Fabrizio switches to wax: Speed Potion Wax is his go-to race lube.

For cleaning his bike, Fabrizio likes to use the Bio Filth Fighter. In combination with the bike cleaning glove, it’s easy to clean his bike for the next ride.


Photo’s by Fabrizio Dekoning, Loetie Photography