Wonder Wipes | 7 pcs

Biodegradable wipes for bike & body
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Wonder Wipes | 7 pcs
Wonder Wipes | 7 pcs

Must-have multifunctional wipes for cyclists!

✅ Safely clean your bike, face and body.
✅ Compact, single packaging; easy to bring along!
✅ Removes oil, wax, grime, sweat and even tubeless sealant!
✅ Perfect allround cleaner during (bikepacking) trips.
✅ Planet friendly: Wonder Wipes are made of a biodegradable cellulose (Bamboo) and degrade in nature.

The biodegradable Wonder Wipes are usable for cleaning your bike, components, face and body! They remove oil, wax, grime, sweat and even tubeless sealant. Ideal for quickly cleaning your bike and components during a bikepacking trip, but also suitable for cleaning your hands after a roadside repair or a quick refreshment after a sweaty ride. Wonder Wipes can even be your best friend during an emergency toilet stop or as first aid after a crash!

Wonder Wipes are made from Bamboo, a biodegradable cellulose. They quickly degrade in nature (of course, we recommend disposing of them in the bin after use). One package of Wonder Wipes contains seven single-packed wipes, what makes it easy to bring one on all rides. We advise always storing a wipe in your saddlebag, car, jersey, or wherever you think it can be useful. Wonder Wipes have a high absorption capacity and a fresh citrus fragrance.

Safely use wonder wipes on your (carbon) frame, all paint finishes, bike parts and skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Markus Deeken (Hamburg, DE)

Unterwegs einfach genial und hat meine Klamotten gerettet als die Kette runter war.

Fabrizio (Brussels, BE)

Altijd handig om mee te hebben tijdens een ritje. Na kettingproblemen geen gedoe meer met vuile handen. Ook je fiets kan je in recordtempo wat poetsen als je weinig tijd hebt.

Yves Boutsen (Bree, BE)

Idiaal om er eentje mee te nemen voor onderweg om de handen en of onderelen zuiver te vegen na pech. Niks zo vervelend als met vuile handen verder te moeten.

Marco (Badhoevedorp, NL)

The Wonder Wipes do a great job. Usable for many cleaning jobs. Don't irritate the skin. Will buy them again!