Barkeeper Tubeless Valve Kit

4 sizes: 44 - 60 - 80 - 100mm
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Barkeeper Tubeless Valve Kit
Barkeeper Tubeless Valve Kit

This complete Barkeeper Valve kit is the best choice for all tubeless set-ups. The valves are easy to install and engineered to be 100% compatible with all wheel brands and types. CNC-machined from aerospace grade 7075 series aluminium, with an innovative 5-hole design for optimal airflow and full insert compatibility. The 4mm Allen key slot allows for easy assembly and removal of the valve. Temperature, UV, and ozone resistant. Works with all Presta-style floor and hand pumps.

In this kit:
🟪 2 complete tubeless valves (including: black valve cores, ultralight valve caps, rubber bases, o-rings and lockrings)
🟪 2 sets of alternative rubber bases, ensuring 100% compatibility
🟪 2 additional spare black valve cores
🟪 1 purple ultralight valve cap with integrated valve core tool


1. Remove the valve cap, lockring and o-ring from the valve stem.

2. Select the correct rubber base for your rim. Is your rim curved, use the circular rubber base and select the right width. Is your rim square; use the square rubber base. Make sure the base is slid all the way to the bottom of the valve before installation.

3. Push the valve through the valve hole in the rim from the outside towards the center. Place the o-ring over the tip of the valve and slide down until it sits on the rim.

4. Thread the lockring onto the valve and tighten it against the o-ring and the rim.

5. Use a 4mm Allen Key in the base of the valve to hold it on the inside and push the base of the valve against the rim bed. At the same time tighten the lockring until it is hand tight. It is okay if the o-ring is squeezes out slightly, this indicates an airtight seal. Do not overtighten the lockring to avoid leaks.

6. If you choose to ride with valve caps, choose either the 2 black ones or replace one with the purple valve cap with the core removal feature on your other wheel.

Easy installation and maintenance

The 4mm Allen key slot in the base of the Barkeeper Valves ensures easy installation and a leak-free tubeless set-up. The included valve cap with the integrated valve-core tool, enables fast installation and refill without the need for additional tools.

Aerospace grade 7075 aluminium

Barkeeper Valves are extremely light, and super strong. The use of 7075 series aluminium keeps rotational weight to a minimum, whilst achieving maximum performance, durability, and impact resistance.

Maximum compatibility

Barkeeper Valves come with 3 types of rubber bases, ensuring a leak-free seal with every rim shape. The 5-hole design ensures optimal airflow and sealant dispersion, even when used in combination with a tire insert.

Barkeeper Tubeless Valves are the perfect choice for all tubeless set-ups:

✅ Compatible with all wheel brands, rim-shapes and tire inserts

✅ Made from ultra-lightweight and super strong 7075 series aluminium

✅ Easy installation with the 4mm Allen slot and included valve core tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Yoran van Dijk (Amsterdam, NL)
Great keaper of Bars!

The have punctered a few times but since using this a barely notice because it sealed the hole so quickly I only lost a little air. I stick with this and also the valves are amazing.

Toys (Gouda, NL)
Eenvoudige montage

Gemonteerd in mijn dt swiss arc 1400 62 wielen. Eenvoudig monteren door te fixeren met inbussleutel.
Meteen goed luchtdicht.

Tim Verlinden (Tielt-Winge, BE)

Nice valves, I'm satisfied!
Is just long enough! 3 Different rubbers! I had to have thorshammer design!

dimitri collin (Bornem, BE)

Dit werkt perfect
Mooie afwerking
Je kan kiezen voor de afsluiting welke juist past en met een inbussleutel het ventiel vastzetten ik ben fan

Sander Goedhart (Utrecht, NL)

Werkt perfect.