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  • DY-005 Dynamic Slick Wax, chain wax, kettingwax, kettenwachs

Slick Wax

Chain wax that lasts super long, keeps your chain clean, dry and lets you enjoy a smooth and silent drivetrain. Easy to apply and maintain. Developed for all cycling disciplines, road, gravel and MTB, all weather conditions, and it’s biodegradable.

What people say about Slick Wax


This is by far the best wax-lube I’ve used on my road bike. Last very long. I will definitely use it on my MTB as well.


I have been using The Slick Wax for a few weeks now and my drivetrain has never stayed so clean even after bad weather rides. Easy to apply compared to many other products. Definitely recommend!


I am using this product mostly on my MTB s, very effective and easy to apply, a must-have product to every cyclist garage!

Slick Wax the ultimate chain wax

Dynamic Slick Wax is a durable chain wax that provides optimal lubrication, while keeping the drivetrain clean. The unique formula contains an innovative emulsifier that allows a higher wax concentration in the liquid. The result is more wax per ml, and thus more per drop on your chain. Leading to better durability and reduced wear rates. The thin carrier fluid allows the wax to penetrate deep into the chain link, putting the wax where it matters most.

All surface and weather conditions

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