Paris-Roubaix, the hell of the north, the ultimate test for body, mind and equipment. The cobblestones in the Tour of Flanders feel like tarmac compared to those in northern France. Gerrie Knetemann once said, “They are so bad, as if they were thrown down from a helicopter by the Romans.” 259 kilometers of pure suffering on more than 55 kilometers of cobblestones. Paris-Roubaix is the ultimate test of equipment for all participating teams.


Tubular or tubeless?

It’s a difference of a few letters, but it can be decisive. More and more teams discover the advantages of riding tubeless. Punctures are less likely and holes are repaired automatically while cycling with tubeless sealant. In Roubaix the pros ride with a low tyre pressure as this gives them more grip on the cobblestones. Especially with low tyre pressure it is wise to ride tubeless. Basically, you puncture faster with low tyre pressure; with tubeless tyres you avoid this problem. How much bar will Mathieu, Ide and Wout have in their tyres?

So, how do you choose a sufficient tubeless sealant?

Nowadays, there are dozens of tubeless sealants on the market. But how do you choose the right tubeless sealant? At Dynamic we have been doing a lot of research over the past year to develop the best tubeless sealant ever: Barkeeper.

In Paris-Roubaix, pro-cyclists are already using Barkeeper and soon, it will also be available for you. We give you four reasons why Barkeeper is the best tubeless sealant:

  1. Barkeeper is a planet-friendly latex-based tubeless sealant. Due to Hi-Tec Fibers of varius lengths and thicknesses, holes up to 7mm are sealed easily and faster than with any other sealant. Normally, sealant sprays out too rapidly under high pressure, this is prevented by the use of Hi-Tec Fibers. Therefore road bike tyres lose much less volume when filled with Barkeeper than other sealants.
  2. Especially when your bike has been standing still for a while, many sealants tend to ball up at the bottom of your tyre. Barkeeper’s unique formula allows the product to stick perfectly to the inside of your tyre and rim, so the sealant will not ball up. Not even when your bike is in the shed for a few weeks.
  3. Barkeeper works in tyres with a pressure between 1 and 8 bar and between -20°C and +50°C. The perfect sealant for tyres with low tyre pressure in extreme conditions, such as a winter version of Paris-Roubaix. And if too much air escapes from your tyre during a ride, Barkeeper can also be used in combination with CO2 cartridges. Not all tubeless sealants can do this.
  4. Because Barkeeper conditions your tyre from the inside and is not water based, it dries out less quickly. The conditioning advantage can be as high as a 20% increasing the lifespan of your tyre, which results in a positive impact on the environment. In addition, this synthetic latex lasts 6+ months, whereas natural latex often has to be replaced after 3 months. By riding tubeless you also save loads of inner tubes, which by definition are not biodegradable. So, by using this planet-friendly sealant you save a lot of waste.

Good luck Team Jumbo-Visma, BORA – hansgrohe and Alpecin – Fenix!

Just a little longer…

The big men and women are already using Barkeeper in their tyres and in a few days, it will be your turn. Put the date in your agenda, because from April 23th you can also use Barkeeper in your own tyres.


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