Cleaning products

Clean your bike like a pro with our premium range of maintenance products!

All formulas are specifically designed to clean your road bike, MTB, gravel bike or (sportive) e-bike in an efficient and safe way.

Clean your complete two-wheeler with the Bio Filth Fighter (bike cleaner) or our Dirt Destroy spray and to get your drive train like new, we recommend using the Chain Cleaner.







Cleaning products

Find the right cleaning products for your bicycle. For every material, all components, and every occasion; we have the right cleaning product. Regardless, if it’s your road bike, mountain bike, gravel bike or e-bike.

 We care about you being able to clean your bike easy and quickly. In our shop we offer not only single products, but also various sets and bundles with cleaning and care products for your bicycle.


Biodegradable bike cleaner

For us cyclists, nature is our favorite playground. Therefore, all of our bike cleaners are biodegradable. The environmentally friendly formula cleans the bike safely and effectively. Our bike cleaners are suitable and safe to use on carbon and other materials.

Have a look at our bike cleaner in more detail below:

Our best friend – Bio Filth Fighter or also lovingly called BFF <3. With a practical spray head, it is easy to clean your bike without many chemicals. The high-quality ingredients neutralize corrosive acids and salts completely. Stubborn dirt, grime and sweat is completely dissolved.

Universally deployable is our secret weapon: Dirt Destroy. This innovative foam spray makes bike cleaning fun! Spray it on, let it soak and rinse. And not only your bike but also gear like your helmet, shoes or grips are easily cleaned.

For those who like to suffer in their pain cave, we have developed a specific indoor cleaner that cleans your bike, trainer, and equipment without water. Afterwatt prevents and removes smells and stains.

Cleaning products for your drivetrain.

If you want to clean your bicycle chain easily and quickly, you can’t miss our chain cleaner. An absolute favorite from our customers . The two-component cleaner is a strong degreaser and is perfectly suited to thoroughly clean your bicycle chain.

For a quick clean of your drivetrain, we have developed the chain cleaner high pressure. A simply effective and very fast way of removing any lubricant remains from your chain with this single component degreaser that leaves no residue.

To clean your complete drivetrain, we have developed Drivetrain Detox. A biodegradable degreaser specifically for your drivetrain. The environmentally friendly formula is very effective against grime, oil and wax and grease on chains and cassettes. This chain cleaner helps you to effortlessly get that clean chain, cassette, and derailleur we all dream of.

With our chain care boxes, you get a complete package for a clean drivetrain. We have created a box for you that makes maintaining your chain and cassette a lot easier.

A clean and lubricated drivetrain is much more efficient and reduces the wear of your components.

Clean brakes work better!

Dirt, grime and grease on your brakes not only makes your brakes squeal, but they also limit their performance. With Brake Booster you can easily and effectively clean your brakes. The brake cleaner can be used for disc brakes and rim brakes.

You still don’t have enough? We have refills!

Our bike cleaner and chain cleaner are available in handy 5 Liter refill cans. This way you can save money and at the same time save on packaging when buying your favorite bike care products.