Grease & workshop

The greases and assembly pastes of Dynamic are the choice of pro mechanics. You can find our products in many workshops at dealers and of course Team Jumbo-Visma uses our greases and pastes to assemble bikes and bike parts.

The comprehensive range has a solution for everything. Are you unsure about what the best product is for your job? Simply reach out via the chat function or check our blog about when to use what.







Greases and Workshop

Everything a mechanic can wish for!

Decent bike maintenance requires the right tools, greases, and assembly pastes. Which products are must-haves for every workshop?

Greases vs. Assembly pastes

The difference between grease and assembly paste is easy to explain. A grease lubricates and assembly paste sticks. All moving parts should be greased. Parts that are supposed to stay in place should get a layer of assembly paste. Additionally, there are greases and assembly pastes for various materials and applications.

All-round grease

Besides protective properties against corrosion and wear, this grease also ensures an outstanding adhesion. All round grease can be used to prevent cracking noises in bottom brackets, seat posts, stems and handlebars.

Assembly paste for carbon parts

When mounting carbon parts, it is key to use a specific assembly paste. This paste prevents carbon parts being damaged by applying too high clamping force. A specific carbon assembly paste also prevents carbon parts from getting stuck. Perfectly suited to mount carbon handlebars or carbon seat posts. Additionally, this assembly paste can also be used for aluminum parts.

Universal or all-round grease premium

A must-have for every workshop and ideal for all sorts of bearings, bottom brackets, and threaded connections. Functions as an assembly compound, but can also be used as contact lubricant.

Bearing grease

Bearings are protected against excessive wear and corrosion by grease. Additionally, this grease is water repellant and heat resistant. Specifically designed for bearings to ensure longevity and long service intervals. Bearing grease can be used to lubricate hubs, axles, bottom brackets, headsets or pedals.


Specific suspension grease

Suspension grease reduces the friction inside the stanchions and optimizes the performance of your suspension fork. Additionally it protects and nurtures all seals, linings and elastomers whilst being dirt- and water repellant. The suspension grease is also suitable for rear shocks and dropper posts.   


Mineral oil for brakes

Every decent workshop needs high quality mineral oil for disc brakes. Our mineral oil is suitable for braking systems from various manufacturers and brands and ensures long service intervals.


Wonder spray for mechanics

A multi spray has many advantages and is practical to have around. With our Mechanics Magic you can protect surfaces against rust and corrosion as well as loosen parts and dissolve contamination. Additionally, the spray helps to prevent noises and lubricates practically everything. A true miracle weapon for every mechanic.