Winter Maintenance Deal

Everything you need to take care of your bike, gravelbike or mtb.
This deal is valid till February 28.

2x Bike cleaner 1L
Easily clean any part of your bike with Dynamic Bike Cleaner. The Dynamic Bike Cleaner formula is optimized to dissolve the most stubborn dirt like mud, oil and sweat without harming your bike or its parts.

Chain cleaner spray 400ml
Before lubricating your drive train, use Dynamic Chain Cleaner Spray. The two-components chain cleaner dissolves oil, grease and other contaminant while leaving a preparatory film behind on your bike chain. This ‘regreasing effect’ prevents metal parts of completing drying out after cleaning.

Dry lube 100ml
Dynamic Dry lube is optimized to use in dry conditions. Its premium formula keeps your drive train in optimal condition by reducing friction and protecting against corrosion. This high performance lubricant makes sure no dirt or dust sticks to your bike after cleaning and lubing.

Wet lube 100ml
For wet conditions, use Dynamic Wet Lube. It keeps the moving parts of your bicycle operating smoothly, reduces friction and protects against corrosion. This lubricant is designed to last long in wet and muddy conditions.


How to clean your bike like a pro mechanic?

Step 1: Rinse your bike with water and spray Dynamic Bike Cleaner on your frame.

Step 2: Spray Dynamic Chain Cleaner on your chain, cassette and pulley wheels. Use a brush or cloth to clean your drivetrain.

Step 3: Clean your frame with a sponge or brush to remove all dirt, grime and grease of your frame.

Step 4: Rinse your bike with water and dry with a clean cloth.

Step 5: Lubricate your chain by applying Dynamic Dry Lube or Dynamic Wet lube on every chain link. Shift gears while spinning your pedals to make sure your drivetrain is well lubricated.

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