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Super fast | Extremely durable | Suitable for all weather conditions | Road and off-road | 200 N/mm²

Ultra2 is a unique, oil based lubricant. The durability on the chain is immense, we have seen instances of testers going over 800km between applications. It is extremely weather resistant and will not budge in rain or muddy conditions. And if that’s not enough… Ultra2 stands out with a very high Brugger value of 200 N/mm².

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Product description

Ultra has become a term in cycling synonymous with extreme challenges. Riding distances that go beyond normal, resulting in adventures of epic proportions. Adventures that are ultra far, in times that are ultra fast.

To complete these types of adventures, everything needs to be in perfect shape; rider and bike. Which is why we engineered Ultra2 to be the ultimate lube for the most epic adventures, no matter the distance, conditions, or surface.

On top of that we decided that this lube needed to be fast, so we can proudly say that this is the fastest oil based lube we have ever made! The durability on the chain is immense, we have seen instances of testers going over 800km between applications. It is extremely weather resistant and will not budge in rain or muddy conditions. All while staying super clean compared to other, oil based lubricants.




Brugger standard

200 N/mm²

Friction coefficient

Very low

Corrosion protection

Very high

Viscosity 20oc


Smells like

Formula 1







Reviews for Ultra²

  1. English


    “Finish first” staat te lezen op de 3 condooms en het busje smeerolie dat ik mag testen. Tussen de lakens hoef ik niet direct als eerste aan de eindmeet te zijn, dus condooms aan de kant en het busje olie en de fiets erbij. Dit belooft me “ride fast” en “ride far”, ik ben benieuwd! Zoals voorgeschreven doe ik een druppeltje olie per schakeltje en meteen valt op dat Ultra² naar motorolie geurt. Lekker, al zal niet iedereen hier hetzelfde over denken. Ondanks wat de geur doet vermoeden, voelt Ultra² niet bijzonder vettig of kleverig aan. En nu de fiets op. Tijdens het fietsen valt eigenlijk vooral niets op. Daar waar m’n ketting – die toch al wat kilometers heeft – daags ervoor nog lichtjes kraakte, hoor je nu… vooral niets. Perfecte smering! Als een straaljager kilometers malen en ik denk niet dat ik snel zal moeten stoppen om te smeren. En ook niet om te poetsen, Ultra² laat geen zwarte en smerige boel op tandwielen of ketting achter. Meer tijd om (snel) te fietsen dus!

  2. English


    Vanavond een ritje gemaakt met mijn gravel bike. Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat het heel soepel aan voelt.

  3. English


    I cleaned my chain and lubed it with the new ultra^2 lube. No more squealing from the chain and even in the rain today the chain ran loudless and kept clean. I use my gravel bike every day for commute and need a chain lube which keeps my chain working in every situation. Till now I worked with several products for summer, rain and winter but the new ultra^2 seems to work in every condition.

  4. English


    Let me start by saying that I am a true wax believer. I have been riding exclusively with wax based lubes the last five-ish years. The main reason being the ease of cleaning. The only exception is the long, wet winter rides on salty roads where speed and a sticky chain are not the main concerns.

    After completely degrasing, washing and drying the chain I lubed it with Ultra2 last night. The viscosity is kind of thick leaving the bottle. However it penetrates the chain really well and fast. During the process I looked away for 15 seconds to talk to my toddler, and when I looked back it was really hard to figure out how far I had come. The chain got only one drop on each link and I spinned the crank about 100 times to make sure that every roler was well lubed. After two hours I wiped the chain thoroughly to remove all excess lube.

    With the new see through bottle I like that you know exactly how much you have left. And with only 114 drops to lube the chain, one bottle is going to last for a very long time.

    This morning I went for a three hour gravel commute through the damp and moist woods. No rain but a lot of fog and some puddles. The drive chain was smooth from start to finish. I did a chain check mid ride and the chain was surprisingly clean – especially considering the nature of the ride. After the ride the chain was still running just as smooth as when I started out. I wiped it with an old rag to remove the very small amount of grime on it. I am very impressed with the performance.

    I will without a doubt recommend it to all my “oil based lube believing friends’ ‘, since this by far is the best of its kind that I have tested. If it is for me, I am still uncertain. I will have to do a bit more testing since I am very happy with my wax based lubes (Slick Wax and Speed Potion Wax).

  5. English

    Laurens ten Dam

    For my most important rides I use Ultra² lube

  6. English

    Terry Fremineur

    De ultieme olie voor extreme omstandigheden!

  7. English

    Finley Newmark

    I use the new ultra lube during badlands this year, it was my first time doing something of this distance, so I was unsure how much lubricant I would need to bring with to keep my drivechain running smoothly. Turns out I only need to re lube once during the 780km dusty, sandy loop.

  8. English


    Eigentlich habe ich seit es prima Wachsprodukte gibts nicht mehr daran gedacht je wieder ein Öl Produkt auf meine Kette zu machen. Dann hat mir ein Freund kürzlich dieses Produkt empfohlen und ich muss echt sagen, dass es super ist. Meine Kette war nicht nur super ruhig, sondern auch überhaupt nicht so übertrieben schmutzig/schwarz wie sonst immer mit Öl auf der Kette. Und irgendwie war ich auch ganz sicher nicht langsam :D.

  9. English

    Erwin Sikkens

    De duurzaamheid van Ultra² is ongelofelijk!

  10. English


    Applied the lube and let it sink in on a completely clean chain to get the best result of it, went on a ride next day and I have to say the drivetrain was very smooth in the rain no noise or any issues even shifting was better!

    Now down point it is still lube so your chain will get dirty in the end but not as any other product in the market where your chain turns into black filthy color, no your chain will keep its color you just have to wipe it with cloth after your ride and you are good to go for the next ride!

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