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The only stretchable waterproof coating

Soaked bib-shorts suck, so does an awesome jacket that is no longer waterproof. Finding your clean clothes all wet in your bike packing bag wet is not great either. Meet Dr. Dry; a planet friendly spray-on coating that can make any textile water-repellent. No more soggy bib-shorts from a short rain shower. No more leaking tents or wet bike packing bags.  




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Product description


Most coatings create a layer on top of the textile, shutting out rain, but sealing in moisture and heat. The result is an experience close to riding in a trash bag. If you do decide to move around and stretch the fabric, the layer tears, and you get wet anyway. 

We have engineered Dr. Dry to be different. The innovative formula coats each individual fiber, maintaining the water-repelling properties when the textile is stretched. Because air can still move between the fibers, it keeps your gear’s breathability fully intact. 

And don’t worry about it washing off into the environment, it is water based, completely fluorocarbon free and biodegradable. 

Ensure the surface is clean and not washed with softeners or other additives before treating with Dr. Dry. Apply liberally, make sure the surface is soaked. This ensures all fibers are coated with a protective layer. Providing the best results and increasing durability. Let dry for 24 hours before use.

The effect of the coating will reduce about 20% per washing cycle. To maximize durability, wash with a mild detergent without softeners or other additives. Reapply Dr. Dry after approximately 5 washing cycles, or sooner if needed.








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  1. English


    Dr. Dry is super easy to use, simply spray the desired jersey, bib, etc. with the product until it is completely moistened. Then hang on a hanger and leave to dry for 24 hours. The product is completely odorless, which I find great. Unfortunately, I could not test the product in the rain, but when I sprayed it with water to simulate the rain on my jersey I was very surprised that the water is actually beaded! I would definitely recommend Dr. Dry for rides in the fog, the morning hours or when the road is wet … or just when drizzle is expected. All in all a mega product, in the dosage you have to try a bit but basically it keeps what it promises! Will spray tomorrow directly still a few long-sleeved jerseys!

  2. English


    The product you did not know you needed.
    When I first got the product I was curious when I would ever use it. When I eventually used it on my cycling shirt and on one of my rides I was surprised by some water, I knew why this is a product cyclists need. Would definitely recommend it.

    Usage is easy, although the bottle seems to be a little small if you want to use it more often and the product needs to be applied again when washed 5 times. It works perfectly, see video attached. Big fan!

  3. English


    Een van mijn grootste frustraties tijdens het fietsen in de regen is dat ik waterdichte regenjassen heb, maar dat mijn fietsbroeken niet waterdicht zijn. En ook al heb ik overschoenen aan, uiteindelijk drupt er ook regenwater mijn schoenen en sokken in. Bij een lange tocht door de regen raak ik alsnog doorweekt en verkleumd. Met Dynamic Dr. Dry is dat gelukkig verleden tijd! Het product is ideaal om fietskleding in no time waterafstotend te maken.

  4. English


    With a simple application process, my only real concern was breathability of the materials. I chose a jersey with a soft and smooth front, and sleeves of a slightly more structured texture—being curious how Dr. Dry would fair on varying surfaces. And lastly, purposely left one sleeve uncoated to compare results.

    Neither spray from the road, nor a drizzle penetrated, however Dr. Dry offered less protection than I would have liked against a downpour. Angle of impact seemed to have an effect on precipitation too, as less resistance was offered against direct hits compared to surfaces at a slant.

    An unexpected benefit was the quick drying characteristics, coupled with breathability, it inherently ensured better body temperature regulation.

    Overall I am impressed, the concept is noteworthy, but when it comes down to it—I would still reach for my rain jacket before heading out the door.

  5. English


    Dr. Dry is the product I have been looking for. I like to train all year round and autumn and winter in the Netherlands are known for the rainy days. More often than not, you come home from rides soaked to the bone, but these days are a realm of the past! Dr. Dry gives me and my fellow cyclists the opportunity to use our favorite cycling clothes, but with the added bonus of keeping you dry and comfortable in wet conditions. It’s easy to apply, just spray it on. Especially before the first wash, it gives good protection against the wet. During use, the sprayed clothes did not lose their breathability, which often happens when waterproofing. I look forward to using it in the coming months. Therefore, I recommend Dr. Dry to every cyclist that dares to challenge him/herself in all conditions!

  6. English


    Ik heb mijn schoenen alsook een fietstasje bewerkt ermee.
    De schoenen heb ik met de gieter nat gemaakt, het tasje gevuld met papier en onder de kraan nat gemaakt.
    Het papier in het tasje was nog mooi droog, Zalig! zo weet ik nu ook dat mijn tools waterproof zitten alsook mijn gsm, TOP!
    De schoenen zijn zeker waterafstotend geworden, maar waren wel een beetje vochtig binnen…
    Ik heb ze 2x gedaan voor ik de test deed, maar al bij al ben ik wel zeer tevreden over het resultaat!!

  7. English


    In het begin was ik sceptisch, maar na insprayen van mijn jersey en 24 uur geduld rolden inderdaad de druppels er gewoon vanaf! Omdat het een aantal wasbeurten blijft zitten is het een handig product als je perongeluk wordt overvallen door een regenbui. Het enige nadeel is dat je er keer op keer aan moet denken.

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