In general cyclists take good care of themselves when it comes to nice gear, which is fine. Unless you want to buy a gift for a person with a personal schedule that resembles: eat-sleep-ride-repeat.

Are you looking for an original gift for a cyclist for Christmas or a birthday? Look no further, this is our ultimate gift guide for road cyclists, gravel grinders and mountain bikers. Luckily there are plenty of fun, affordable gifts out there for any type of cyclist. Check them below

1. Socks by Sockeloen

Jasper Ockeloen was – and still is – one of those cyclists with a sock fetisj. One of those cyclists that need their socks to be that one colour, in that one design and made from that one material. They can not be too long or too short. Not too tight and not too loose, not too thick and not too thin.

We are a fan. Now its your turn to be convinced 🙂

2. Dynamic Super 7 bike care box

€ 75,99  €49,99

The Dynamic super 7! The ultimate bike care box for road bikes, gravel bikes, MTB and e-bikes.

Degrease your chain with Drivetrain Detox, wax your chain with our super long lasting Slick Wax, give your bike a nice bath with our Bio Filth Fighter and finish it off with the Protective Wax. All essential tools included.

3. Live Slow Ride Fast Bomba

€ 19,99

De Live Slow Ride Fast Bomba is perfect for those cold winter rides where you can use that little bit of extra internal heating! 😉

4. MAAP Musette

 € 17,99

The MAAP Musette is made from a soft cotton canvas. The iconic MAAP logo is printed on it together with other reflective elements that increase visibility. A nice wide shoulder strap ensures maximum comfort, while the button closure keeps the contents secure.

5. Cycling trip with Cycle Travel

Cycle Travel lets you explore beautiful locations on the bike, without a care in the world! Everything taken care of; stay, routes and meals. The perfect cycling experience!

6. Coffee by Magistrale

€ 17,99

Real coffee for real cyclists! We think coffee and cycling are inseparable. So the amazing coffee by Il Magistrale can’t be missing from this list.

7. Pain Cave Pack

€ 49,99 € 39,99

So the intended recipient of your gift has serious indoor training plans for this winter? The Pain Cave Pack contains everything they need to get through the indoor season!

8. Koersplaat

From € 20,00

Every ride has a story. It is Koersplaat’s goal to capture all these stories and special adventures. As an ode to an unforgettable ride. With a Koersplaat you relive the adrenaline, the pain, the speed, the legs, the views, the headwind, the gradients, the wattages, the satisfaction and the boasting afterwards.