Besides the World Tour and Continental teams, Dynamic also supports local riders. We’re the maintenance partner of TAC-Racing Team. This young MTB team consists of Kim Bodemann and Joppe de Vries.

TAC-Racing Team MTB - Dynamic Bike Care

TAC-Racing Team

Kim and Joppe are both competitive MTB cyclists at the elite level. You can find them at multiple cross-country races in the Netherlands, at some MTB marathons and long-distance races.

The enthusiastic duo started their own team: TAC-Racing Team. They ride a lot in the Dutch region Westland and in the province of Zeeland, where Joppe lives. Kim and Joppe prefer to go to the Ardennes in Belgium to ride their bikes. The technical trails are hard to find in the Netherlands. They recommend everyone to visit the Ardennes to explore the trails in the forest.

Kim and Joppe started cycling when they were young. During their cycling careers, they’ve created some great memories. The favorite race of Joppe is the UCI race in Aínsa Spain. It was a challenging race filled with rockgardens and a climb. The race had beautiful views in a perfect weather. Kim’s favorite memory is riding the Algarve bike challenge in 2020. It was a beautiful ride which she’ll never forget.

TAC-Racing Team MTB - Dynamic Bike Care TAC-Racing Team MTB - Dynamic Bike Care TAC-Racing Team MTB - Dynamic Bike Care

Bike care tips

Kim and Joppe love the Dynamic Chain Cleaner. “The grime drips off your chain. It was never so easy to clean the drivetrain.”

They are also fond of the greases. They use it when they assemble their new mountainbikes. Galli Grease Pro makes sure the bearings are greased well and with All Round Grease Premium they prevent wear and friction between the different parts.

Good luck this year Kim and Joppe!