Roxy loves to ride her mountain bike on the beautiful trails of Mallorca. As a mountain bike coach, she inspires everyone to improve their MTB skills.

Meet Roxy

The German speaking Roxy lives and rides on the beautiful island Mallorca, which is a perfect place to explore on the MTB. She rides all-mountain, cross-country and enduro mountain bike. As a full-time MTB coach, she coaches at every level riders. As a mental coach, she also helps riders to become more confident and courageous. Nowadays a lot of coaching is online via her own platforms.

Roxy frequently shares tutorials and tips to improve your MTB skills on her Instagram and YouTube. Her main goal is to create awareness that developing your MTB skills is an ongoing process. She compares learning it with a language: nobody thinks they can learn a language in one day, the same counts for riding a mountain bike. Roxy’s best cycling memory is the moment she felt 100% in control on difficult terrain for the first time. Now she made it her mission to help others to feel 100% in control as well.

As Roxy lives on Mallorca, she has some advice for us. “The island is a gorgeous place to ride, but it’s hard to find the best trails. Book a car to explore the island first, use Wikiloc or ride along with a guide to make the most of your time here.” Besides cycling and coaching, she guides mountain bike camps, enjoys doing yoga and floats on her SUP board.

Roxy’s bike care tips

Soon, Roxy will share some bike care advice on her Instagram, so stay tuned! We have already managed to get some insight in here routine: Roxy cleans and lubricate the chain after every ride because of the salty air on Mallorca (wow!). When she has been riding by the seaside and the air was humid or extra salty, she also does a complete bike wash in addition to cleaning and lubricating the chain. Taking care of your drivetrain this well adds many miles to your chain and cassette and crankset #lastlonger 😉


Follow Roxy on Instagram to get inspired to ride your MTB and improve your skills. How to’s can be found here on YouTube!

Photos via Roxy