At events we meet a lot of new people. One of the people we’ve met last year is Fabrizio. He’s a talented Elite cyclist from Flanders with ambitions to win the Belgian Championship one day. With the products of Dynamic, we will help Fabrizio in achieving his dream.

We’re very happy to announce that we will partner up with one of the strongest Dutch continental teams at the moment! As of January 1st, Metec-Solarwatt will be powered with products like Speed Potion Wax, Bio Filth Fighter and Mechanics Magic. Dynamic Bike Care and the team will have a long-term partnership and both parties […]

First! Did you see our latest 1+1 deals? Check them here! As you know by now, we at Dynamic are enthusiastic cyclists. Every Friday we have a weekend ride in the afternoon, next to the spontaneously lunch rides on other days during the week. But now we’re up for a real challenge! And you get […]

A well-known sound among cyclists: the loud brake squeal when stopping for a traffic light. It’s probably one of the most annoying things. Lucky for you, you can prevent it with the right maintenance routine!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get: 7 bicycle greases? When should I use which one? To help answer this question and to prevent having to explain this topic in detail a couple times a week 😉,  we have put together this blog.

We often hear: “I clean my bike with dishwashing liquid and my chain with Dasty degreaser!”.  On cycling fora and blogs, we see household cleaning products being recommended to clean road bikes, gravel bikes and MTB’s. If these cheap cleaning products get the job done, why should you choose products that are specifically developed to […]

It’s getting wet, dark and cold outside! Time to dust off your indoor setup and prepare yourself and your trainer for a long season filled with Zwift rides (and of course Netflix on your second screen). That’s why you get in this blogpost 3 important indoor cycling hacks.

24-hour racing is challenging, not only for the riders itself, but also for the bikes. These bikes need to be in perfect condition at the start of the race and stay in good condition each time they leave the pit box for the next stint. 24 hours is not just a race, weather and temperature […]

It is new product season at Dynamic and our R&D is working overtime. We would like to introduce 3 new products that we are very proud of! To cut to the chase: the first ever Bio Drivetrain Cleaner with zero hazard symbols, an improved brake cleaner and the Workshop Essential Spray all mechanics have been […]

Not all lubes are the same. If you want to get the best performance out of your drivetrain, you should also use the right chain oil for the current conditions. We show you the differences between the various lubricants and how to apply the chain oil.

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