First! Did you see our latest 1+1 deals? Check them here! WIN YOUR ORDER VALUE BACK Guess which team will win the Dynamic Black Friday Challenge and have a chance to win your order value back! Fellow cyclists, please place your bets 🔴🔵 As you know by now, we at Dynamic are enthusiastic cyclists. Every Friday […]

Few things are more annoying than having dirt or smudges on your cycling glasses. In addition to being a nuisance, it also poses a safety risk for cyclists and other athletes. Which is why we decided to help with a short instruction on how to clean your cycling glasses. As a bonus, we will also […]

With summer slowly coming to an end, the chance of encountering wet conditions on your ride is growing every day. Now we know no one likes riding in soaked bib shorts or going bike packing and finding your clean clothes wet in your bag. But staying indoors also isn’t really an option if you want […]

Tubeless in 6 steps

September 1, 2022 How to

Do you want to switch to tubeless, but don’t know how? In this article, we will explain exactly what you need and what steps you need to take. What is tubeless?  If you are not sure what tubeless is exactly or what the advantages are of riding with tubeless tires; read our article here about […]

1. Who are you?  I’m Gerd Kodanik, Head of Technical Performance and Development at the German WorldTeam BORA – hansgrohe. 2. What does a performance manager do at BORA – hansgrohe? Actually, I am the Head of Technical Performance, as in our team we divide the two departments into technical and physical performance. Together with […]

As a cyclist in a city apartment, it can be a challenge to clean your bike. Imagine you live on the third story of an apartment building in Amsterdam and only have a small balcony or worse; no hose! How do you clean your bike? In the shower? With a watering can?  A number of […]

Cycling shoes are one of the most important parts of our gear. They provide us with the optimum transfer of all those watts to the drivetrain. Investing in a good pair of shoes is one of the best upgrades you can make. Unfortunately, your fancy new ‘kicks’ can get really dirty and look horrible. Especially […]

The day of the competition is just around the corner, and you train exactly according to plan in order to show your best form at the competition. You also pay attention to yourself, your health and your diet. On this day, everything has to be perfect! But what if the material fails during the competition […]

Lubricating your bicycle chain is part of cycling because it is essential for the performance of the drivetrain. We often get questions like: Why should I lubricate my bicycle chain? What do I need to lubricate my chain Where should I put lubricant on my bicycle chain? How do I put lubricant on my bicycle […]

This third and final installment of our Tour de France technical partner blogs, is all about Team Jumbo-Visma our longest standing partnership. History of the partnership The partnership between Team Jumbo-Visma and Dynamic exists for some years already. It was formed when Dynamic was a brand under the Tacx company brand and was included as […]

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