We’re proud to announce the partnership with Ploegmaats. During the various cycling events, we will support Ploegmaats with our bike care products.



It all started back in 2017, when a group of friends decided they wanted to cycle from Haarlem (the Netherlands) to the North of Scotland. 20 days and more them 2000km on the bike. After this successful trip and raising almost €20.000 for KWF Kankerbestrijding, Ploegmaats was born.

With Ploegmaats, the group of friends still loved cycling and needed a goal. They made a Facebook event to cycle 300km on the longest day and more than 10.000 cyclists loved to join. This was the start of the first of many cycling events organized by Ploegmaats. From small one-day events to cycling holidays, the boys of Ploegmaats came up with many creative cycling concepts for their friends and fellow cyclists.

As a good cycling buddy, they organize everything for the rides like the coffee stops, route and of course a beer at the finish. And from now on, Ploegmaats even takes care of your bike with our support.

Longest Day Challenge

The first event we will support is the Longest Day Challenge. A route of 300km in the Netherlands to celebrate the longest day of the year. In the preparation for this ride, we help the participants in selecting the right lube that lasts the whole ride: Slick Wax or Rainy Day Extreme lube.

During the event, you can re-lubricate your chain with our lubes if you accidentally used a shorter lasting lube. When you crossed the finish line, there’s the option to give your bike a nice bike wash. After 300km your bike deserves to be taken care of as well.

Are you up for this challenge? You can still join the Longest Day Challenge!

More events

Not in the mood for cycling 300km? No problem, we will support the other events of Ploegmaats as well. There are many other cycling events already on the calendar for this year. Like a cycling trip to Austria or a ultimate coffee ride to 12 cycling bars.  Or you can join the one-day bikepacking trip in the Netherland in which you cycle to a bike friendly hostel, sleep and cycle back the next day. You can even clean your bike at these Bikepacking Holland hostels!

Check ploegmaats.cc for all events and follow the adventures via Instagram.