Dynamic is the bike care partner of Bikepacking Holland, an initiative of 15 Dutch hostels to stimulate exploring the Netherlands by bike. All hostels are bike friendly and offer our bike care products to the bike packers.

Bikepacking Holland

Explore the Netherlands by bike and cycle from city to city. The network of 15 Dutch bike friendly hostels makes it possible to spend the night at bike friendly hostels to get the most out of your bike packing trip. You could for example sleep in an old prison, an eco-friendly hostel or near the beach. Whether you’re cycling around the Netherlands or just want to go for a one night bike packing trip, there’s always a hostel that meets your needs.

If you want to visit all 15 hostels, you’ll cycle over 1100km!

The concept of Bikepacking Holland is perfect for the cyclists who want to discover more of the Netherlands, but do not want to bring their own tent. After a long day of cycling, some nice food and a bed is probably well deserved 😉

Bike friendly hostels

The Bikepacking Holland hostels are all bike friendly. This means they offer a safe storage place for your bike, a laundry service and a bike pump and repair tools.

We are a partner of Bikepacking Holland and therefore the hostels also have our cleaning products and lubricants available at no additonal costs. So when you’ve taken a fresh shower yourself, you can prepare your bike for the next stage too.

Find more information about Bikepacking Holland on their website and Instagram.