Our All round grease, All round grease premium and Carbon assembly paste are products that many cyclists, mechanics and pro teams use with great pleasure. We get a lot of positive feedback and are happy to see so many satisfied users of these products.

The Carbon assembly paste is a favorite product of many of our private label customers and is used by some of the largest bicycle brands in the world in their assembly lines. The bike brands and the pro mechanics of the teams we supply have asked us to develop two additional products with the same high-quality standard: a top-of-the-line assembly paste and a premium bearing grease.

Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro

This premium assembly paste is the result of a new, innovative formula. It’s extremely water repellant, provides superior adherence as well as corrosion- and wear protection properties that are second to none.

Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro creates a lubricating nano film that protects against fretting corrosion and provides extreme surface protection. It prevents cracking noises in bottom brackets, seat posts, stems and handlebars. Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro is perfect for high-end applications on carbon, ceramic- metal, aluminum, titanium, steel, rubber, plastic, bearings, pivots, suspension components and all threaded connections. The formula is temperature stable and will for protect parts in the most extreme situations.

This high-end grease is the pro mechanics go-to when assembling bikes and bike parts. It’s 100% carbon safe and lithium free. The product can be recognized by its purple color and is offered in 150g and 400g jars.


Dynamic Galli Grease Pro

A premium bearing grease based on the legendary Galli Grease formula was the desire of many professional mechanics. A grease that makes you faster instead of just protecting your bearings is what we’ve made!

Choosing the best bearings for your bike is nullified if you don’t use the right grease. The unique formula of the Dynamic Galli Grease lubricates and protects your bearings. It prevents corrosion and strongly reduces wear. We’ve added friction reducing additives that make your bearings run faster than ever before.

Dynamic Galli Grease Pro prevents corrosion, reduces wear and protects against salt and electrolytes. This grease is water repellant and can be used in all temperatures, the stable viscosity provides for long service intervals. The formula is optimized to lubricate and protect all bearings of your bike. Developed for wheel-, bottom bracket- and pedal bearings but also suitable for hubs, axles, suspensions and dropper posts.

Like all greases of Dynamic, it’s 100% carbon safe. This grease is offered in 150gr jars.


Find the Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro and Dynamic Galli Grease Pro in our webshop.