We continue our Meet the ambassadors series with Robert van Dalen. Former speedskater and cyclist, currently focussed on cycling and one of our brand ambassadors.

Meet Robert

Robert is a Dutch cyclist who likes to ride his road bike and mountainbike. But you can spot him on his time trial bike as well. When Robert quit his career as speedskater in 2020, cycling became his main focus. On his Instagram, he shares his rides.

For 2021, Robert hopes to ride a few amateur cycling races during the summer. With the current lockdown, it’s hard for him to set goals. Luckily, having a lot of fun on the bike is still possible. Robert likes to ride together with his girlfriend and friends.

Robert’s bike care tips

To keep his bikes in excellent condition, Robert gives his bikes once or twice a year, a thorough clean. Therefore, he disassembles, cleans and lubricates many parts. To make cleaning in general easier, he uses a work stand for every cleaning session.

To save even more time when cleaning his bike, Robert likes to spray our Bike Cleaner on his bike. For the new bike look (who doesn’t want a new bike look every day!) he uses Protective Wax.

Follow Robert via his Instagram @Robertvdalen to stay up to date!

All photo’s via Robert van Dalen.