Time to introduce our brand ambassador Niki! Niki is a rower for the Dutch National Team who got into cycling as an alternative workout. Read more about his Olympic dream and the role of cycling in his road to Tokyo here.

Meet Niki

Niki van Sprang is a bike enthusiast on land, more often you can find him on the water as his current focus is rowing. As member of the Dutch National Team, he’s on the road to the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year. With a recent 5th place at the European Championships, his Olympic dream will come true this year!

Until the summer, Niki’s full focus is on the Olympics. This means everything he does, including cycling, is geared towards the best possible rowing performance in Tokyo. Cycling is in support of that goal, with mainly steady endurance rides to increase the base fitness. Niki sees cycling as a great alternative workout, although it’s sometimes hard to stick to the heart rate zones his coach gives to him.

Luckily, after the Olympics, Niki can finally go fast on the bike as well! Niki also wants to ride some proper mountains and maybe a time trial. Those are both things he has never really done before on the bike. His most important goal of 2021 is of course to cycle with his friends and make them suffer in his wheel!


Niki’s bike care tips

Only recently when Niki got a new bike, he started really learning about the importance of maintaining your bike. He doesn’t really have a specific secret tip, as it often seems that bike care in general is still a secret for some people. Especially in the rowing community, not everyone takes good care of his/her bike. His tip: “Don’t forget to maintain your bike just as hard as you ride it!”

Niki discovered that bike care isn’t always that hard and complicated. He loves the Chain Cleaning Wipes as these are a perfect example of a simple product that makes your life easier. When he went to Terschelling with his girlfriend and rode on the beach, his chain was completely rusty the day afterwards. Niki thought this meant that he always had to bring all his cleaning supplies when going on a holiday, but the wipes did the trick perfectly to get his chain back to its original state.

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Photos via Niki van Sprang and Yannick Schurwanz.