Today we’re introducing our first German brand ambassador. Meet Lisa, who loves to ride her mountainbikes and blogs about her adventures on and off the bike.

Lisa from LisasBunteWelt Brand Ambassador Dynamic Bike Care

Meet Lisa

Lisa likes to call herself an “enjoyment blogger”. When it comes to cycling, fun is the most important thing to her. 5 years ago, Lisa completely changed her lifestyle. She turned herself from an unhealthy IT-student to a sporty blogger who blogs about healthy eating and cycling. Since 2016, she writes on her blog LisasBunteWelt about these topics. With a friend, she owns a second blog for women who love their mountainbikes: MountainbikeLiebe.

When Lisa started cycling, she started with mountain biking. Nowadays, she’s still cycling most often on her mountain bikes: hardtail and fully. Since last year, she can be found on the road as well. This year, Lisa might expand her bike collection with a gravel bike.  Gravel biking suits her goal for 2021 to explore the world perfectly.

Lisa is planning to do some bike packing adventures this year. She hopes to see beautiful landscapes and meet new people, but most important: have fun on her bike! In addition, she’s planning to start a few local races. Keep an eye on her blog LisasBunteWelt to follow her adventures.

LisasBunteWelt bike wash with dynamic products LisasBunteWelt using dynamic carbon assembly paste

Lisa’s bike care tips

To make cleaning her bikes more fun, Lisa prefers to use good equipment. Her main equipment includes a mobile pressure washer and a mounting stand. She always uses a bike cleaner and chain cleaner together with a set of high-quality brushes and rags.

Bike cleaning doesn’t end with washing her bike. Lisa says she always let her bike dry after cleaning. Ideally, she likes to use care products after cleaning her bike. Her favorite product is the Carbon Assembly Paste. She uses this product for over 4 years now!

“Most of my bikes have carbon parts. It prevents contact corrosion and increases friction between components.”

Follow Lisa’s adventures on her Instagram and blog.

All photos via Lisa Rudolf.