It’s time to introduce the Dynamic Brand ambassadors! This week: the competitive cyclist, Imogen Cotter.

Meet Imogen

The talented Imogen is a competitive cyclist from Ireland who is living and racing in Belgium. She’s racing at the elite level on the road and coaching other cyclists.

As part of the Keukens Redant cycling team, she’s hoping for a normal 2021 race season. Last year it was quite difficult to stay motivated with many cancelled races. This year, Imogen is planning to focus on enjoying training and being on the bike. “I want to make sure I get through it all healthy and COVID free.”  Besides her road bike, she’s planning to get more into gravel riding this year.

Let’s hope we can see Imogen compete at many races this year! Check her Instagram and website to stay up to date.

Imogen’s bike care tips 

With the need to keep her bike in excellent condition, we’ve asked about her bike care routine. Imogen likes to give her bike a proper and thorough clean once a week plus a quick check-up before every ride. This is to make sure everything is running smoothly, nothing more annoying than a chain that isn’t lubed properly and starts squeaking mid-ride, right? :). Another great tip is to check your tires really well when cleaning your bike. A lot of punctures actually don’t happen instantly but come from stones or other hard particles that slowly eat their way into your tire. By removing them in time, you can prevent most punctures!

Imogen’s favourite products? The Bike Cleaner and Protective Wax.

“I like the bike cleaner spray as I feel like it just makes the cleaning job a lot quicker.”

“To finish, I love using the protective wax because I feel like it really makes my bike gleam!”

Imogen shares many of her cycling stories on her Instagram. Secretly we also follow her Instagram to see her dog Blue every now and again 😉

Photo’s: Imogen Cotter.