This week we’re happy to introduce you to Emily. She’s a passionate cyclist who loves to cycle on the road.

Meet Emily

Emily, better known as Emilyevelyn_ on Instagram, fell in love with road cycling only a few years ago. She’s tried lots of different sports the past years, but nothing hooked her quite as much as cycling. When she started road cycling in 2019, she had found her new passion.

The 26-year-old Emily loves the feeling of being out on her bike for hours. She enjoys the nature, breathing in fresh air and feeling the calm it brings to her mind. In 2021, Emily hopes to spend even more time in the saddle. Her goal is to focus more on longer distances rather than speed. She wants to focus more on the headspace she achieves after a day of cycling. Don’t forget the goal we love the most: finding the best pistachio ice cream around 😉

Emily’s bike care tips

Emily sees herself as lazy when it comes to cleaning her bike. She doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning her bike after a long ride. Her favorite product is the Chain cleaner spray, which she uses to get her chain clean with as little effort as possible.

“The Chain cleaner spray is super easy to use and leaves my chain nice and smooth. I like it doesn’t only degrease my chain, but also leaves a protective film on my chain.”

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All photo’s via Emily.