Indoor Bike Care

Fast and silent chain | Rust protection | Hygienic training-setup

Pain Cave Pack + Free Watt-R

Give your indoor-setup a serious upgrade! Our Pain Cave Pack holds everything you need to ensure a carefree indoor season. Ride on!


  • Watts-Up Wax
  • AfterWatt
  • Sweatopia
  • Champain bottle
  • Free Watt-R

From here on it is up to you, no more excuses.

Sweatopia is the ultimate indoor protection spray. Protect your training-setup against rust, sweat, and bacteria.

Watts-Up Wax is the world’s first (!) indoor chain wax. No nasty particles, noise-cancelling, and hyperefficient.

AfterWatt safely cleans all indoor training and gym equipment. Removes sweat and stains. Makes your equipment look and smell like new.


“ Great product, cleans quickly without water.”

— AfterWatt

“ Despite having my Wahoo headwind at full speed I sweat a lot during my Zwift sessions. No more rusty bolts, and great for use around the house! ”

— Sweatopia

“ Amazing! This stuff makes my chain run really really silent! ”

— Watts-Up Wax

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Pain Cave Pack:

Shop your Pain Cave Pack now and be ready for indoor season!