Extend the lifespan of your bike by adding a protective finish after cleaning your bike. We have two sprays in our assortment that will give your bike a nice finish!

Our protective sprays

Dynamic has currently two bike-specific protective sprays: Protective Wax and Fabulous Finish. Both sprays will protect your bike against corrosion and dirt. They also prevent the buildup of grime. This makes cleaning your bike after a ride easier the next time! Besides protecting your bike, the sprays offer a nice finish that will make your bike look like new.

Protective Wax is wax-based and will provide a high-quality satin finish on glossy and matte frames. The Protective Wax will “seal” your frame to protect it against corrosion and small scratches from sand or salt.

Fabulous Finish is a silicon spray that will offer great protection to your bike and moving parts. It makes your bike shine and is therefore perfect for glossy frames. As Fabulous Finish is silicon-based, it could also be used on different surfaces like leather and plastic parts.

How to apply a nice protecting finish:

Step 1: Clean your bike and make sure it’s completely dry. You can use the Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloth to dry your frame and components.

Step 2: Select the protecting spray of your choice. For a matte frame we recommend using Protective Wax, for a glossy frame you can choose between Fabulous Finish or Protective wax. Shake the can before use.

Step 3: Apply Protective Wax or Fabulous Finish.
There are 2 ways of applying the protective sprays: spraying it on the bike or with a cloth.

  • Option A: Spray directly on your frame with 25cm distance. Make sure to not use it near braking surfaces such as disc brakes or rim flanks as this decreases the braking performance. Use a cloth to polish the Protective Wax or Fabulous Finish on your bike. You’ll notice your bike gets a factory fresh finish.
  • Option B: Spray on a cloth first. We recommend using a polishing cloth. Polish the protective spray onto your frame. You might need to re-apply the spray on your cloth.

Your bike is now better protected against the elements and will look like you just got a new bike. Shop your protective sprays here!