Today we like to introduce our brand ambassador Rita! She’s a creative industrial designer, climbing instructor and loves cycling.


Meet Rita

Rita, on Instagram known as @ritapocket, lives in Frankfurt and likes to explore the area on her road bike and cyclocross bike. It’s only 2 years ago since Rita decided to climb hills on her bike instead of only climbing walls. Since then, she has fallen in love with cycling. As 2021 wasn’t the best year to be working as a climbing instructor, Rita went cycling instead.

Rita likes to be part of cycling groups, she immediately joined a group of inclusive cyclists that helped her to get in touch with other cyclists and creatives. Last summer she joined a female cycling group. This had a huge impact on her: women empowering women. With this group she’s going on long rides without time pressure and explores the Odenwald. Of course with a female touch, they’re having cake and drinks to get to know each other better 😉 Currently, Rita is organizing together with the Kreissaal Ladies Club a cycling cup for girls in her area with the goal to motivate women to discover new routes and keep cycling during the lockdown.

Since Rita bought an CX bike this winter, the mud is her new playground. She loves to cycle through the forest and exploring the area from a different perspective. Going on gravel rides together with friends is one of the best things in her life. With the goal of cycling more than 10.000 kilometers this year, we expect many more gravel rides!

Rita’s bike care tips

Rita likes to share her secret bike care tip with us: “Clean yourself well, clean your bike even better”. Cleaning her bike has become part of a ritual. Rita sees her bikes as very personal items that bring joy and freedom to her life like nothing else can do. So when she cleans them, she checks if everything is alright or if some service needs to be done.

When we asked Rita about her favorite products, she mentioned 2 items: Speed Potion Wax and the Protective Wax. As she really enjoys the look of a clean chain and cassette, she loves the Speed Potion Wax.

“Wax chaines are mud repellant, have less friction and last many many kilometers longer!”

The Protective Wax is another favorite of Rita. She loves the smell as it reminds her of riding through a pine wood. “It’s the final finish. It means: all the work is done.” Rita calls Protective Wax a “new again”-coating to her bike. A personal tip: “I would not recommend to use it indoors unless you live on a bowling alley. I did it once and slid through the whole apartment. Though this is how the wax spray will protect your bike from mud and dirt.”


Get a creative view on cycling via Instagram: @Ritapocket

 Photo’s via Rita Somfalvy, Jörg Wöckener and Theressa Stoll.