Time to introduce the second Dutch ambassador of Dynamic to you. Let’s introduce the Dutch cycling blogger Kirsten Boerrigter.

Meet Kirsten

A horse girl turned into a cycling blogger, that’s the story of Kirsten. She started cycling 4 years ago because she missed being outside. Kirsten started on the old bike of her dad and bought her first bike only a few weeks later. Blogging about everything in her life, cycling became one of the main topics. Read her blog here! 

You can find Kirsten cycling on the road in the Northern part of the Netherlands. For 2021 she hopes to cycle even more and explore more parts of the Netherlands and Europe. Her goal is to cycle in at least 7 provinces besides Groningen and Drenthe. A cycling trip to Austria with like-minded women is already planned. In 2020 Kirsten started with local races, and she hopes to participate in more this season.

Kirsten’s goal is to inspire others with her personal stories, Instagram content and Facebook group targeted to women who like to cycle. Follow Kirsten on Instagram to get inspired.

Kirsten’s bike care tips

Kirsten has a great tip to make bike care part of your cycling routine: “Place your cleaning tools at a convenient spot, so you don’t have to search for your tools and cleaning products when you arrive home after a ride.” Kirsten already selects the products she’s planning to use to motivate herself to immediately clean her bike. This makes it an easy and quick task.

She recommends the Chain Cleaner: “With the Dynamic Chain Cleaner I can finally get my chain and cassette sparkling clean.”










Photo’s via Kirsten Boerrigter.