It’s time to introduce Mike Vlietstra and Martijn van Strien (Fernwee) as Dynamic ambassadors! Two passionate cyclists who are exploring the world on their bikes creating amazing content for Instagram and the YouTube channel

Meet Martijn & Mike

Mike and Martijn met a couple years ago when they raced each other on fixed gear bikes in the NL Crit Series. They found out they both enjoy telling cycling stories through images and video, so started riding together. Road bikes, MTB, gravel or fixed gear, you can find them riding around on all types of bikes. Whether they cycle in the Netherlands or travel the world for a gravel ultra-race, they make sure to always bring a camera or drone with them.

Besides their adventures featured on, Mike and Martijn launched the Ride Beyond Crew in 2020. With a group of friends, they explore the world together on any type of bike. They post about their adventures on their own channels and of course we are sharing the highlights on our social media.

In 2021, they’re going to dip their toes in the world of gravel ultra-racing for the first time. Inspired by stories of people crossing the deserts unsupported on a bike, they’re going to find out if they are mentally and physically tough enough to finish these races. In 2021, the goal is to finish Bohemian Border Bash and Badlands in Spain.


Mike’s and Martijn’s bike care tips

As Mike and Martijn both live in relatively small apartments in the middle of Utrecht and Rotterdam, they frequently use a car wash. “Arriving home with a clean bike is essential if you want to keep your girlfriend happy.” They bring their cleaning products in a musette bag and return home with a clean bike.

 The guys love our lubes. Mike’s favourite is the Rainy Day Lube for a worry-free exploring on his gravel bike: “This product easily lasts an entire weekend without needing a re-lube”. Martijn always carries a mini-bottle of the All round lube with him; just in case things really turn for the worst.

Follow the adventures of Mike and Martijn on their Instagram channels: @mikevlietstra and Watch the videos on

Photos via Mike Vlietstra and Martijn van Strien