Alpecin-Deceuninck (formerly Alpecin-Fenix) is the second technical partner we are discussing in this series of blogs.  

Performance first

During the first meetings we had with Alpecin-Deceuninck, it became clear that they were looking for a technical partner with a strong focus on performance. The team has high ambitions and wants to ensure that it uses products which provide the maximum performance in their category. 

Unique partnership

What makes the partnership with Alpecin-Deceuninck unique for Dynamic, is the multiple disciplines in which the team is active. Not only do they require performance products on the road, but also for cyclocross and even for mountain biking. As you might imagine, these different disciplines also have their own unique demands for bike care products. 

Performance and resilience

Where the focus on the road is towards marginal gains with chain lubrication and efficient cleaning, the off-road disciplines also require high performance greases that can withstand the extremely varied conditions; from wet and muddy to dry and dusty. 

Lubricating bearings

A grease that has proven highly successful both on- and off-road is the Dynamic Galli Grease. This grease is designed to provide low friction lubrication for wheel- and headset bearings. Because Alpecin-Deceuninck uses Shimano wheels, which are cup-and-cone style, the wheel bearings can be serviced and lubricated with Galli Grease. Allowing them to benefit from the performance properties of Dynamic Galli Grease. 

No corrosion and creaking

Another grease that is vital in these disciplines is Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro. This paste is designed to create a nano layer between rigid components to ensure that no corrosion can occur in wet conditions. It also prevents creaking noises and seizing of components. 
A special property of this paste is that it is much thicker than standard assembly grease and has a higher resilience. Because of this, it adheres very well to surfaces and threads, making it ideal for conditions where other greases would not stay in place. 

Wax or oil?

Not only grease is essential in these off-road conditions. The drivetrain also faces a lot of potential wear and loss in efficiency. Therefore, together with Alpecin-Deceuninck we are experimenting with using wax-based lubrication instead of an oil. Normally, an oil-based lube is used for wet conditions. These lubes are notorious for picking up dirt and debris which can result in the formation of a grinding paste and lead to extremely high friction and wear rates. Wax based lubricants are known for the lack of adherence of dirt and the extra durability they can provide. Most of them are less suitable for wet conditions. Dynamic Slick Wax and our Speed Potion Wax are exceptions to this rule, which is why World Tour teams are experimenting with the use of wax instead of oils. 

This multidisciplinary aspect of the partnership provides us with great feedback across our range of products and has tremendous value in improving current and developing future projects. 

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