Tubeless Bundle (60mm valves)

60mm Valves, 250ml Sealant, Wipe Out & Cloth
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Tubeless Bundle (60mm valves)
Tubeless Bundle (60mm valves)

Introducing our hassle-free Tubeless Bundle – the ultimate kit for effortless tire conversion. Simplify the switch to tubeless tires and elevate your cycling experience. Lower rolling resistance, more comfort, no flats. No matter if you ride on- or off-road, the key to the optimal experience is the right sealant and the right valves. Check out our no-fuss, all-in-one solution.

What’s inside?
1x Barkeeper Tubeless Sealant 250 ml
1x Barkeeper Tubeless Valve Kit 60mm (2pcs)
1x Wipe Out Sealant Remover
1x Microfibre Cloth


Converting to tubeless tires is easy, check out our 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Check if your wheels are tubeless ready, if not buy and apply the correct rim tape.
Step 2: Insert valve, tighten nut for airtight seal.
Step 3: Mount tire, use mounting fluid if needed. Begin opposite valve.
Step 4: Inflate tire, use compressor or pump. Check if the tire seated correctly.
Step 5: Deflate, add sealant based on tire type. Inflate to desired pressure.
Step 6: Rotate wheel, shake to spread sealant. Ride to distribute.

Barkeeper Tubeless sealant 250 ml
Dynamic Barkeeper is a Hi-Tec fiber, synthetic latex, tubeless sealant. The unique formula clings to the inside of the tire and rim and therefore seals holes quicker than any other sealant.

Barkeeper Tubeless Valve Kit 60mm (2pcs)
This complete Barkeeper Valve kit is the best choice for all tubeless set-ups. The valves are easy to install and engineered to be 100% compatible with all wheel brands and types.

Wipe Out Sealant Remover
Safely remove all sticky remains, such as dried sealant and glue. Prepare your rims & tires for fresh rim tape and tubeless sealant with this fully biodegradable, carbon safe formula. 

Microfibre Cloth
The perfect cleaning cloth for all cleaning purposes, but in this particular purpose to remove all sticky glue and sealant remains on your rims.

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